30 12, 2022


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Written by: Stan Heller For more than 25 years, VectorVest Founder Dr. Bart DiLiddo, his team of investing coaches, and many successful subscribers have shared their secrets and strategies for beating the market. Successful traders tweak their trading plans or shift entirely to a different system when market conditions change. However, the basic principles of [...]

19 04, 2020

The Current Situation – My 2 Cents by Mike Simonato, VectorVest Subscriber

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Written by:  Mike Simonato, Ontario Presenter: "My Three Friends", Dec. 3, 2016, VectorVest International Online User Group (Click here to View: My Three Friends) I'm sure we are all anxious for life to get back to normal.  There will be some tremendous challenges ahead for sure.  As many know, I like to trade what I [...]

5 08, 2017

Forum Video Just Posted: How to run a manual backtest to fine-tune your trading plan.

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Thanks everyone in our fantastic VectorVest Community for a terrific turnout today and outstanding participation in our mid-summer International Online Forum. In case you missed it or you want to review step-by-step how to run the manual backtest, just click on this link for the replay: Click for the Forum Replay! You can pause and [...]

7 05, 2017

An Effective and Profitable Weekly Trading Plan Explained in Saturday’s International Online Forum. Get the Video Now.

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A large number of VectorVest members enjoyed two outstanding keynote presentations at Saturday's International Online User Group Forum. First, VectorVest's UK Managing Director David Paul demonstrated a simple yet highly effective method of using weekly graphs to trade high quality, undervalued stocks. It makes an excellent style of trading for any busy investor and especially [...]

1 05, 2017

VectorVest Launches 5 New Model Portfolios for Canada

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Exciting News! VectorVest Canada subscribers now have five fantastic new model portfolios to study and learn from. The portfolios on the Portfolio Tab offer stock ideas and portfolio management guidance to suit different types of investment styles including aggressive, conservative, prudent and retirement. The model portfolios were tested over five years beginning January 4, 2012 [...]

12 02, 2017

“A strong trading plan can be easier and less complicated than you think.” – Margaret Bell, 6-year VectorVest member.

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Motivating. Inspirational. Sensible. Fabulous.  Those are the words attendees used to describe Margaret Bell's keynote presentation to Saturday's International Online Forum. Margaret opened her remarks stating, "A strong trading plan can be easier and less complicated than you think." Then she showed us. "My first really solid trading plan finally came together after one of the first [...]

4 12, 2016

The Inspiration for Mike Simonato’s ‘My Three Friends’ Investing System: Sleep Well at Night. View the Recording.

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As the owner of a thriving and successful window cleaning business, Mike Simonato doesn't have as much time as he would sometimes like to dedicate to his investing. "I have to keep things simple," he says. "I can't do day trading or swing trading, so I look for quality companies with very low risk. Something that I can manage [...]

10 07, 2016

Watch our Forum replay: Well done! Very educational. Extremely helpful. Motivating! Gratifying to know others’ methods.

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Well, we all gained a lot of valuable information and trading ideas today thanks to the outstanding work over several months by our Regina, Saskatchewan User Group which is headed by UG Leader Allan Kissner. Executive member Irwin Blank, on behalf of Allan and the Group, delivered an excellent review to our International Online Forum of [...]

20 06, 2016

For long term investors, it’s all about the dividends. Join us for tomorrow’s webinar.

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Dividends can seem pretty boring, however, it's amazing how they can add up over time. They can have a huge impact on your portfolio results as demonstrated by Jim Penna in Friday's Special Presentation SOTW.  Dividends are one of the three components of VectorVest's Worry Free Investing philosophy that also includes Capital Appreciation and generating income by Selling Options (covered calls). [...]

26 04, 2016

Worry Free Investing Challenge Delivers Eye-Popping Results

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Well, the results are in from the first phase of VectorVest's Worry Free Investing Challenge, and they are absolutely stunning.  Imagine taking your $100,000 portfolio and growing it to more than $1 million in less than 20 years.  How exciting! Well, that's exactly what 76 contestants managed to do. There were 132 entries in all that beat [...]

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