Well, we all gained a lot of valuable information and trading ideas today thanks to the outstanding work over several months by our Regina, Saskatchewan User Group which is headed by UG Leader Allan Kissner.

Executive member Irwin Blank, on behalf of Allan and the Group, delivered an excellent review to our International Online Forum of the group’s collaborative approach to planning, exploring and discussing ideas and finally creating, analyzing and monitoring several trading plans, most of which, but not all, have been highly successful.

Each trading plan continues to be analyzed for the learning opportunities as well as the trading ideas. These activities, Irwin pointed out, are helping to fulfill one of the group’s key goals which is for every member to become a better investor over time. A significant learning for the group says Irwin, is that simple works very well with VectorVest. “It is not necessary to complicate things to achieve investment success. Simply use VectorVest’s standard advice and buy highly rated stocks going up in price in a positive market environment.” He cited the example of Karyle’s Simpletons stock selection and trading system which is explained in the presentation.

Good News! In case you missed it or you just want to review parts of it again, we have the recording of entire Forum. Click here on this link to get your copy of the replay.

Here are just a few of the many, many positive and grateful comments we received in the chat box about Irwin’s presentation:

‘Wonderful to see your effort and showing us the results, both the good and the disappointing, and how your group has used this information….extremely valuable.’ – Bob. J

‘That is a very organized and collaborative way of involving all members of the group in the discussion of the criteria and types of portfolios. Thanks for sharing and letting other user groups see the different ways of involving the membership.’ – Rose A.

‘Fantastic presentation. What a lot of valuable information.’ – Bruce H.

‘I love it. K.I.S.S.’ – Richard D.

Thank you Irwin, Allan, Karyle and other members of the Regina User Group for sharing your outstanding studies with our VectorVest Community.

Global Markets. In today’s Forum we also provided a Market Review. Interestingly in light of the Brexit vote, VectorVest’s global composite indices showed the United Kingdom gained a healthy 4.18% since our June 3 Forum while Europe lost 4.03%%, the biggest loss during the month by any of our markets. India made the largest gain, 4.52% while the Canadian market has the largest YTD gain – 7.62%.

How to use ADX. Finally in today’s Forum, I showed how combining the ADX indicator and Directional Movement Indicator with price trend and unusual volume spikes can help identify consistently profitable trading opportunities in rising markets. I ran the search below on Feb. 16, an ideal time with the PW/Up and the MTI rising from below 0.60. The search works fine without the ADX criteria, however, you will have to look at a few more graphs to find the ideal set-up. The ADX criteria requires the ProTrader premium plug-in module. You can call Support for a free 2-week trial.

What I love about this technique is that we know from the graph when to buy and when the stock is range-bound in a weak trend with little opportunity to make money.  I also revealed two new searches for identifying potential candidates – one for the Canadian market and one for the US market.

July 9 Search

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