Dr. Bart DiLiddo

Creator and Founder of VectorVest.

A Unique, Expert Perspective

The late Dr. Bart DiLiddo was one of the foremost investment experts in the world and the developer of the highly effective VectorVest system— which consistently beats those stocks picked by the “pros.”

Dr. DiLiddo wasn’t a broker, an analyst, or a stock market prognosticator. He was a trained mathematician with a PhD from Case Western Reserve University, a graduate of the Sloan School of Management at MIT, and had a Fortune 500 business background. He knew mathematics…and he knew business.

Decades of Proven Results

For well over 30 years, he used his unique combination of business experience and mathematical expertise to develop powerful formulas to analyze the performance of individual stocks, measure their risk, and identify market tops and bottoms with industry-leading accuracy.

Year after year, thousands of successful investors worldwide have relied on his VectorVest models to help them enjoy better than average returns (sometimes much better), make fewer investing mistakes, and build stronger portfolios in both good markets and bad.

A Track Record of Remarkable Accuracy

VectorVest’s track record of remarkable success stems from Dr. DiLiddo’s conviction that mathematics could be used to analyze the performance of markets and of individual stocks.

“If you study the right indicators, history patterns and numbers behind a company,” says Dr. DiLiddo, “it will give you a great advantage and insight into its potential success or demise.”

A winner of The Wall Street Journal’s “Dart Board” stock selection contest, Dr. DiLiddo wrote for Investor Alliances magazine and is a regular speaker at American Association of Individual Investors meetings, The Money Show, and a host of investment conferences and financial forums.

Dr. Bart DiLiddo

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