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Smart Investing
A blog created for the independent investor interested in improving their investing results.

A Simple Little Search

The Toronto Stock Exchange’s TSX jumped a remarkable 1,342 points or 11.96% Tuesday, March 24, a broad-based rally sparked by hopes of further stimulus measures by the US and other major economies…

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How VectorVest Timed the Market Before the Plunge

We don’t predict the markets, we follow the underlying trend of the markets. Our proprietary Market Timing system and indicators work together to give clear signals that are translated into expert guidance, every day. Guidance that prepared subscribers for market plunges like the Coronavirus sell-off…

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Coronavirus Special Bulletin

Market Volatility Update

In response to the heightened focus and quickly evolving situation regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), we wanted to provide some information to you affirming our dedication to our subscribers, relative to providing the best stock market guidance available anywhere, at any price…

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Measure of Valuation and Risk

Dividend Yield as a Measure of Valuation and Risk

Dividend Yield (DY) is primarily viewed as an estimate of how much income you can expect to receive in relation to the price of the stock if you hold it for an entire year. The formula is simply the Annual Dividend Paid divided by the current Share Price, or the Purchase Price if you already own the stock…

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For 30 years VectorVest has provided individual investors the highest level of stock analysis information, tools and strategies to help them make money in the stock market. At VectorVest, it’s always been our passion and mission to provide our loyal clients with friendly, knowledgeable customer support and keen insights to help navigate our powerful system.

We strive to make successful investing easy. Use VectorVest to take charge of your portfolio and you’ll instantly be able to analyze and rank over 7,600 stocks, including more than 1,500 Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) for Value, Safety and Timing. This information takes the emotion out of investing, so you will always know whether to buy, sell or hold any investment.

You have lots of choices in the marketplace to find stock data. VectorVest is different because we give you the information you need to be a more successful and confident investor. When you subscribe to VectorVest, you get the Color Guard, which clearly shows when it’s safe to buy stocks and when to sit tight. Videos and tutorials will also guide and educate you on market performance and how to use the system. You’ll never be alone to figure out what stocks to buy and which stocks to sell.

Welcome to the Smart Investing Blog, we are glad you found us, and our goal is to keep you informed on stock market trends, investment strategies and the best performing stocks – all to keep your portfolio on the right side of the market.

Whether you are just getting started in investing or a seasoned stock trader, you will find that VectorVest is your partner in navigating the stock market and investment strategies. Don’t miss a single post. Subscribe Now and get all the news delivered to your inbox.