4 04, 2019

Need A Few Stock Ideas? Attend Saturday’s International Online Forum Or Watch On YouTube.

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What's your favorite stock, and which indicators do you like to use for analysis? Join us for Saturday's VectorVest International Online Forum to learn which stocks investors like you are holding and trading. We’ll answer your questions and demonstrate best practices for analyzing stocks in VectorVest's Stock Viewer while using a variety of effective graph [...]

3 12, 2017

Knowledge of Gaps Gives VectorVest Members A Powerful Edge In Trading

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In 1597, Francis Bacon coined the phrase, "Knowledge is Power." If knowledge is used properly it yields money, which is power in today's times. Saturday, we learned how powerful gaps are in trading. Now, after hearing Dr. Barbara Star's amazing and valuable presentation to our VectorVest International Online User Group Forum, we have the knowledge [...]

4 06, 2017

Video Replay: Know when to be in a trade and when you should exit – Dr. Barbara Star’s amazing Hidden Divergence Method.

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Good News! The Video Link for Saturday's International User Group Online Forum is now available. Just Click Here To View the Recording! Why look for Hidden Divergence Patterns? Technical analysis expert and author Dr. Barbara Star gave us several good reasons during her outstanding presentation to Saturday's Online Forum. Dr. Star showed chart example after [...]

5 05, 2017

Tomorrow’s Essential Forum: Weekly Zone Pattern Recognition Trading and Energy Sector Update.

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Saturday, May 6   Time: 11:00 am Eastern / 08:00 am Pacific What to do about increasing market volatility? What about falling oil and gold? Tomorrow's presentations to our monthly International User Group Online Forum could not be more timely! First we'll hear from VectorVest UK Managing Director David Paul about how he uses weekly [...]

26 11, 2016

New Video: Lessons from the volatility in Marijuana and Shipping Stocks: Don’t Chase Price.

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VectorVest teaches us that when price has pulled sharply away from its 40-day Simple Moving Average, it's more likely to pull back closer to the 40-MA before resuming its upward trend. The theory behind this relatively consistent move is called, Reversion to the Mean. In other words, it's more risky and you are likely to pay too [...]

8 10, 2016

Trade Analysis and Risk Management is Essential. Let’s Analyze and Share Your Trade Ideas at Tuesday’s Q&A Webinar.

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Risk management is an essential part of investing success. How and when we enter a trade has a significant impact on that trade's success. That's why VectorVest teaches a guiding principle, 'Risk management begins at order entry.' I was pleased this week when VectorVest asked if they could use my video from last weekend, non-studio [...]

11 09, 2016

Saturday’s Forum reveals systematic and profitable method for finding the ‘sweet spot’ when buying on pullbacks

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Click on this link to view a replay of Saturday's International Online Forum. Buying on pullbacks. We hear about it all the time and it sounds good.  But how can we do it consistently and profitably? How do we find the opportunities? And how do we know when to get in and when to get out? Keynote speaker Wendy Johnson answered our [...]

6 08, 2016

Three new ways to trade 3/8-EMA Crossovers – Get the Forum replay.

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Investors attending today's International Online Forum learned a few new terrific tips and techniques for using the 3 and 8-EMA crossover trading method.  Petra Hess, our Burlington, Ontario User Group Leader is the one who introduced and popularized the 3/8-EMA crossover method to our VectorVest Investing Community. Today she explained and showed us three new, valuable techniques she is [...]

10 07, 2016

Watch our Forum replay: Well done! Very educational. Extremely helpful. Motivating! Gratifying to know others’ methods.

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Well, we all gained a lot of valuable information and trading ideas today thanks to the outstanding work over several months by our Regina, Saskatchewan User Group which is headed by UG Leader Allan Kissner. Executive member Irwin Blank, on behalf of Allan and the Group, delivered an excellent review to our International Online Forum of [...]

17 05, 2016

Learn to spot trading opportunities with trendlines and RT and volume spikes

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The Toronto 2-Day Seminar last weekend was a tremendous learning experience for seasoned VectorVest investors and new investors alike. Subscriber William L. wrote, "It was great to meet you again at the Seminar in Toronto and to attend the insightful presentations from you and your colleagues, Angel Clark and Jim Penna. I learned something new [...]

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