oct-8-sotw-risk-managementRisk management is an essential part of investing success. How and when we enter a trade has a significant impact on that trade’s success. That’s why VectorVest teaches a guiding principle, ‘Risk management begins at order entry.’

I was pleased this week when VectorVest asked if they could use my video from last weekend, non-studio quality such as it is, when I spoke about risk management and how to use my son Jamin Heller’s Trade Analysis and Risk Management spreadsheet tool. The spreadsheet allows you to quickly do some ‘what if’ planning’ around your trade ideas. You either arrive at an acceptable Reward to Risk ratio or you move on to the next trade idea.

In case you missed it in the Views tab, Strategy section, Click Here to view the video. You can also see a trade analysis example of Tweed Marijuana in this week’s, The Week Ahead video. Click Here to View The Week Ahead.

To download your own copy of Jamin’s latest version spreadsheet, simply click on the link in Strategy section of Friday’s Views.  Not a VectorVest member? Call 1-888-658-7638 to take a 5-week trial for just $9.95 USD, or click here: 5-Week Trial  Be sure to download your copy of the spreadsheet while you’re on the trial.

Send me your trade analysis for Tuesday’s Q&A webinar. We will be holding a live webcast on Tuesday, October 11th at 12:30PM ET where we will host a Q&A session related to this strategy presentation. To register for this webcast CLICK HERE. I hope you will practice a few trade set-ups this weekend using technical analysis and Jamin’s spreadsheet. When you do, please send me your best trade idea with the spreadsheet analysis to share with our webinar group. We’ll study as many as possible during Tuesday’s webinar. You can send them to me at [email protected]. Send me a copy of the trade analysis or just the details:
1. Symbol
2. Entry Price
3. Stop Exit Price
4. Target Price

Once again, as an example, in this week’s The Week Ahead video I show you my trade set-up for Tweed Marijuana (TWMJF:P). Click Here to view The Week Ahead video. In this week’s video, I also reinforce VectorVest’s guidance that our North American markets are bearish, and how to handle it in the week ahead.


For our Canadian VectorVest friends, have a wonderful Thanks Giving, and for everyone,

Safe Investing.

Posted by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this Blog is for education and information purposes only. Example trades must not be considered as recommendations. You should always do your own analysis and invest based on your own risk tolerance, investment style, goals and time horizon. There are risks involved in investing and only you know your financial situation, risk tolerance, financial goals and time horizon.