14 11, 2019

We Have A Confirmed Up – Are You Ready To Be Bullish?

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It may come as a surprise to some, but the price of the VectorVest Composite, (VVC/CA). has gone up week over week for two consecutive weeks, and today the MTI, Market Timing Indicator closed above 1.00. So, we have the signal of a confirmed upturn...

1 11, 2019

(Tomorrow’s International Forum) Are You Ready for the Next Market Move?

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NAVIGATING IN THESE SEE-SAW MARKETS. As we head into a typically seasonally strong quarter of the year, six of our seven VectorVest countries are showing signs of a potentially sustained uptrend. All six earned Confirmed Up Call market timing signals from VectorVest within the last few days. Only Canada remains in a Confirmed Down, and [...]

23 01, 2017

The Week Ahead Video for Jan. 23-27 and, How To Use Buy-Rated Stocks to Track Industry Rotation

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The Canadian  and US markets continue to channel mostly sideways. As President Trump takes office in the US. and Prime Minister Trudeau is into his second year, more than ever it's important to track which industry groups are likely to prosper from new government direction and which ones might begin to falter. Already we're seeing strength in Petroleum, [...]

15 01, 2017

The Fear Index. Why the VIX and Other Indices are Screaming Caution. See Video.

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CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE WEEK AHEAD VIDEO FOR JAN 16-20. THE FEAR INDEX. That's what most analysts call the VIX, the S&P 500 Volatility Index. Dr. Bart DiLiddo, Founder of VectorVest, calls it the "Anxiety Index".  In his 8/28/2015 essay in the VectorVest Views, Dr. DiLiddo wrote, "IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU KNOW THAT [...]

8 10, 2016

Trade Analysis and Risk Management is Essential. Let’s Analyze and Share Your Trade Ideas at Tuesday’s Q&A Webinar.

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Risk management is an essential part of investing success. How and when we enter a trade has a significant impact on that trade's success. That's why VectorVest teaches a guiding principle, 'Risk management begins at order entry.' I was pleased this week when VectorVest asked if they could use my video from last weekend, non-studio [...]

21 08, 2016

The Week Ahead Video – August 22-26.

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Earnings are winding down, but still a few interesting stocks to watch in the week ahead. In The Week Ahead video below we look at few CA and US companies that are reporting. We'll walk you through a trade set-up for Royal Bank (RY-Toronto) using Jamin's Trade Analysis Calculator, and we take a look at how the markets are setting [...]

4 07, 2016

Are markets primed for a pullback next week? Check out our video.

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Join us Tuesday, July 5 at 12:30 pm EDT for our Special Presentation Q&A all about the new RoboTrader. We'll answer your questions, study the CA and US markets in RealTime, and we'll make sure we analyze a few leading stocks.  Click here to register: http://news.vectorvest.com/CA_SpecialPresentation_QA_070516_registrationR.html The Week Ahead. Despite a slightly positive day in the US [...]

29 10, 2015

Get Your Shopping Lists Ready – Oct 28 Canada Color Guard Report

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Canada's main stock index closed up 1.2% today, boosted by a sharp rally in oil prices that benefited energy stocks. Healthcare stocks Valeant and Concordia continued to rise from deep bottoms. An early rally in gold stocks stalled this afternoon. U.S. stocks ended the day sharply higher as the Federal Reserve gave a vote of [...]

1 10, 2015

Resource stocks sink the TSX. What to do now? View our Canada Colour Guard Report.

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CLICK HERE FOR OUR WEEKLY CA COLOR GUARD MARKET REPORT VIDEO Canada's main stock index, the TSX Composite, shown in graph at left, fell on Thursday, as falling resource prices weighed on resource stocks and investors struggled to brush off concerns about slowing global growth while waiting for the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise rates. The Gold [...]

24 09, 2015

CA Canada Color Guard Report for Sept 15, 2015

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Canada’s main stock index rallied from an early morning sell-off but still closed the day lower by 45 points or -.34%. Worries about economic growth weighed on most major sectors, offsetting a strong gain in shares of mining companies. U.S. stocks closed lower today in a volatile session as investors awaited a post-close speech from [...]

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