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The Week Ahead. Despite a slightly positive day in the US market Friday and a new PW/Up, I wish I could be more optimistic about our North American markets. However, we have a PW/Dn in CA and a look at the graphs in both our markets suggests more downside risk than upside potential. As shown in the short video that follows, the major US indices DIA, SPY and RUT are all at a resistance zone. They are more likely to pullback to fill gaps than break through resistance. The VIX, which our founder Dr. DiLiddo calls the ‘anxiety index’ fell five straight days and is near a major support level. It is more likely to bounce up and fill a gap overhead. Since the VIX moves inverse to the SPY, the chart set-up supports an overall bearish move by the markets next week.

Our CA Market Timing Graph sets up the same way…we are right at a resistance zone and we got a PW/Dn at the last close. Our Canadian market was closed Friday for Canada Day while mining and petroleum stocks helped lift the US markets to small gains. Hopefully strength in those sectors will carryover to our CA market tomorrow while the US is closed for Independence Day.

Click on the link below to view a short video on the market outlook. I’ll also study a few CA REIT’s that have been making a steady move higher while paying a nice monthly dividend.

VIDEO LINK: http://www.screencast.com/t/Evsp6Bo9br2

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