Have you been looking for an easier and more consistently profitable way to trade ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)? Then you don’t want to miss viewing the replay of Saturday’s International Online Forum.

Steve Turner, a longtime VectorVest subscriber and member of the Burlington, ON User Group, shared his strategy and trading plan in a presentation titled, Running with Momentum: Momentum ETF Portfolio.  CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW THE RECORDING.

In this presentation, Steve gives us his WatchList of regular and inverse ETFs for Canada that meet his criteria for diversification, minimum price, and minimum average daily volume (ADV).

Between Feb 19, 2016 and Sep 30, Steve’s backtesting showed an overall gain of 33% compared to a 15% gain by the TSX over the same period. His routine requires about 15 minutes over a weekend involving just three steps: 1. Run his search and identify the top 5 Momentum ETFs in his WatchList. 2. Update the momentum ETF tracking sheet. 3. Execute trades Monday morning as required. Often once an ETF is in an uptrend, it can stay in the top 5 for a few weeks, so no trading required.

Here’s what a few of our Forum Members had to say about Steve’s presentation:

“Great methodology Steve. (Simple & Efficient). Thanks for sharing!!!  – Francois B. “This presentation was one of the best organized and prepared strategies for EFTs EVER. Your plan and rational enables understanding and value allowing someone ……..to learn these trades.” – Bob J. “The ranking method shows the ‘market character’ very well. Keeping the streak going as long as the ETF is in the top 5 helps remove the noise and shows what the market is favoring at any given time.” – Irwin B.

Will This Method Work In the US?  Steve mentioned several times he believes a similar trading plan and methodology for US ETFs and other countries should work just as well, and most likely even better with the choices available. We would appreciate hearing from anyone in the US or other VectorVest markets who sets it up and does the testing.

New, Enhanced Trade Analysis Spreadsheet.  Jamin Heller has added a few commonly requested features to his Trade Analysis spreadsheet. I think you’re going to love the enhancements! For a short 30-minute video review and demonstration of how to use the spreadsheet, just click on the following link:  http://www.screencast.com/t/HOSaQrGplc4 Email [email protected] to receive a copy of the spreadsheet.

For the background to why this Spreadsheet was created and how it can help you, please review Brian D’Amico’s excellent SOTW presentation of 09/18/2015. Here is the link: http://www.vectorvest.com/vvuniversity/videoplayer.aspx?playlist=http://www.vectorvest.com/vvuniversity/auth/recordedsessions/CA/3018/1/playlist.xml

Tuesday’s Q&A Webinar: Please join me Tuesday, Oct 4 for our regular weekly SOTW Q&A. I’ll review and answer your questions about Friday’s Special Presentation Video titled, 5 Steps You Must Know to Generate Weekly Income with Options. I’ll also answer any questions about Steve’s Forum presentation including how to set up his WatchList and search. To attend the live webinar or to receive a replay, please register here: http://news.vectorvest.com/CA_SpecialPresentation_QA_100416_registrationR.html

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Posted by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

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