VectorVest has empowered retail investors to outperform the market for more than 36 years. A lot has changed since our humble beginnings in Dr. DiLiddo’s basement, but one thing remains constant: 

Our passion for giving you the tools needed to invest successfully and with confidence. 

Over a million investors have used VectorVest to stay ahead of trends and tune out market noise, making calculated decisions without spending hours stuck in front of a screen. How have we managed to remain at the forefront of the investing technology world for more than 3 decades? Simple. We continue to evolve the system and push the limits of how technology informs strategic decision-making in the stock market. Our recently upgraded partnership with Nasqaq is a testament to this commitment, as we now leverage their last sale data (NLS). Despite the tremendous improvements this upgraded data feed created, it actually allowed us to bring our own costs down. This means we managed to keep pricing competitive while offering you a better service. 

But what exactly does the NLS mean for you as a retail investor? We take the same data the institutional investors have access to and put it through our proprietary algorithm to distill it into simple information.

Nobody else is using this data the way we are to deliver clear buy, sell, or hold recommendations for any given stock at any given time, with real-time insights. 

Learn about our history with this leading financial services corporation and what our newly enhanced strategic alliance means for you below!

16 Years of Synergy Between VectorVest and Nasdaq

Our relationship with Nasdaq began in 2008 when we transitioned to VectorVest 7. It was at this point we began using the Nasdaq data feed for indices and ETFs only. The accuracy and reliability of Nasdaq’s data served as a solid foundation for our analytical tools.

Over the years, though, it became clear that there were more ways we could work together to support investors and give them the insights necessary to outperform the market. Specifically, we realized that there was room for improvement in analyzing single stocks more accurately. This led to discussions about incorporating a direct pricing feed from Nasdaq, culminating in our adoption of Nasdaq Last Sale (NLS) data just last year.

How Our Incorporation of Nasdaq Last Sale (NLS) Data Creates a Level Playing Field for Retail Investors

It has been a whirlwind of a week for VectorVest in the best way! As part of our partnership with Nasdaq, our Management Team and Education Team had the opportunity to visit Nasdaq’s MarketSite in Times Square

VectorVest’s Education and Executive Management Teams at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square.

NLS is the trusted source for major brokers and financial news networks like CNBC. It’s part of what gives institutional investors an edge over the little guys. We decided to level the playing field by giving our subscribers access to that very same data.

Extensive testing confirmed that integrating the NLS feed would allow us to provide premium, real-time market data to our subscribers. This transition allowed us to deliver the highest quality information while maintaining cost efficiency. 

In the past, you found things out after institutional investors made their moves. But now, you have the latest data at your fingertips rather than being second to know after the big players. You can act fast, and more importantly, with precision, to assess and capitalize on opportunities. Whether it’s getting in at the lowest price right before a rebound or cutting losses before a stock’s trend reverses, you’re positioned at the forefront of the investment world when you have VectorVest in your arsenal.

Think about it like this - a typical investor receives updates every minute or so in a best case scenario. During periods of high volatility - be it earnings announcements or economic data releases - every second counts when it comes to price movements.

With the integration of NLS, though, updates are near-instantaneous. Rapid price movements are displayed in real-time so you can make buy/sell decisions with unparalleled speed or accuracy. This way, you can arrive at the same conclusions with a quick glance at your screen rather than in hours of analysis.

Simply put, VectorVest helps you boost your returns while freeing you from the shackles of traditional stock analysis and investing, so you aren’t glued to your screen all day. What more could you ask for in a stock analysis system?

Give Yourself the Same Advantage Institutional Investors Have With VectorVest Today to Win More Trades With Less Work!

Give Yourself the Same Advantage Institutional Investors Have With VectorVest Today to Win More Trades With Less Work!

We’re excited about what our newly enhanced partnership with Nasdaq means, and once you see what it can do for your portfolio, you will understand why.

Whether you’re trying to set yourself up for retirement or supplement your income for present-day expenses, VectorVest allows you to create the life you want and become financially free regardless of your experience as an investor.

Our stock software is coupled with our incredible community that speeds up the learning curve and helps you take control of your financial journey and put yourself in a position to succeed in any market conditions. VectorVest works exceptionally well in bull and bear cycles alike.

The track record of excellence speaks for itself. The results are impossible to ignore as our software has outperformed the S&P 500 index by more than 10x for 20 years and counting. With this new and improved strategic partnership, the returns are only going to get better!

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