Written by: Angela Akers

It has been a whirlwind of a week for VectorVest in the best way! As part of our partnership with Nasdaq, our Management Team and Education Team had the opportunity to visit Nasdaq’s MarketSite in Times Square where we were featured on their billboard and were hosted at the closing bell. Additionally, VectorVest CEO, Ms. Linda Royer, participated in the Nasdaq TradeTalks Panel discussion with Nasdaq’s host, Jill Malandrino. Others included on the panel were Lule Demmissie, CEO – US of eToro and Brie Williams, Head of Practice Management at State Street Global Advisors. The topic of the panel was “How Technology Is Reshaping Investing by Making Markets and Financial Literacy More Accessible.”

The panel was informative, interesting and entertaining and I believe that all three of the ladies did an amazing job. Each panelist had a point that I felt moved to expound on in this Essay today.

The first from Ms. Williams. She said, “investing is a human endeavor, so we all have bias around the type of info that we tend to lean into. So, you need to have some rationale with the emotional, the EQ and the IQ, to get you the objective insight to help you make a qualified decision that is a healthy one for you.” I have to say that I couldn’t agree more. We’ve found over the years that emotion is one of the biggest hurdles that investors have historically faced and still face today. As investors, we must balance that emotion with the rationality of objective analysis, which is exactly what VectorVest provides.

The second from our very own, Ms. Royer. When asked what the difference between data and information is, she responded, “Data is a commodity, you can get it anywhere from any free website, it’s available to you everywhere. What VectorVest does is it pulls that data in and puts it through proprietary algorithms that then provide information that you can then act on.” As a VectorVest subscriber, you know that we believe financial literacy is essential to achieving success in the stock market and true financial freedom. One of our goals is to give you the knowledge that is necessary for you to build your wealth. For this reason, we offer the analysis you need through the VectorVest proprietary indicators, giving you actionable information, not just data, and subsequently provide as much education as you want to make sure that you are able to understand investing and effectively grow your finances.

Finally, Ms. Demmissie remarked, “When you log in to your eToro account, you see what the insiders are doing, what the hedge funds are doing, is there negative sentiment, what’s the ESG score on something, what’s the P/E ratio in like literally 2 seconds because the visual effect has also made it easy for you to synthesize all of that.” Bingo! The inroads that have been made through technology for investing are immeasurable. We have an immense amount of data right at our fingertips, in seconds as Ms. Demmissie mentioned, and all these data points can be important depending on your investment goals. However, without analysis, it is just data. Data is the reason VectorVest was created. Data led to more questions. VectorVest analyzes that data in a systematic, objective, and unemotional way, and gives you the answers you need to make your investing decisions.

I would be remiss if I closed without saying that our time in New York will forever be an unforgettable experience. One that everyone here at VectorVest has worked so hard for over the last 36 years. And we couldn’t have achieved this milestone without each and every one of our loyal subscribers. Thank you so much for believing in us and trusting the VectorVest system and our team to help you make better, more informed investment decisions. I know that Dr. DiLiddo is smiling from ear to ear.

CLICK HERE if you’re interested in watching the Nasdaq TradeTalks panel discussion in its entirety. It is surely Worth Your Time.

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