VectorVest teaches us that when price has pulled sharply away from its 40-day Simple Moving Average, it’s more likely to pull back closer to the 40-MA before resuming its upward trend. The theory behind this relatively consistent move is called, Reversion to the Mean. In other words, it’s more risky and you are likely to pay too much if you decide to jump in and buy after price is extended from its 40-MA. There’s no formula to determine this price action, but it’s visual. Knowledge comes with studying graphs and tracking personal experience.

This is especially true if price has gone up parabolic, something we have seen recently in the marijuana stocks like Canopy Growth (CGC) in Canada and the shippers such as Dryships (DRYS) in the U.S.

Similarly, it may be a short term buying opportunity when price becomes extended below its 40-MA (please see charts below).

With the beneficial perspective of hindsight, I have put together a short video showing how you can avoid control your emotions and avoid chasing a stock that might be closer to a pullback or even a crash than a continuing rally. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

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time-zone-converterIf you are tuning in from outside North America, please consult a Time Zone Converter website for the time in your locale. Listed at right  are a few examples:

Finally, below are a couple of examples showing where price has pulled away and become extended from the 40-MA.



Posted by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

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