Exciting News! VectorVest Canada subscribers now have five fantastic new model portfolios to study and learn from. The portfolios on the Portfolio Tab offer stock ideas and portfolio management guidance to suit different types of investment styles including aggressive, conservative, prudent and retirement.

The model portfolios were tested over five years beginning January 4, 2012 to provide performance measures over all types of market conditions. All VectorVest subscribers are able to view and study current holdings in each portfolio on a day-to-day basis, including stocks that are added each time a positions is sold. RealTime subscribers and other subscribers who have purchased the AutoTimer Genius, will soon have access to a Portfolio Action Plan on the Timing Tab, just like the Model Portfolios in the US database. The Action Plan will give you daily guidance on what stocks to buy and when to close a position according to the trading system rules. The rules are explained when you click on the Details button adjacent to each portfolio.

Below is the equity curve from a 5-year backtest of the Retirement Model Portfolio. Gains do not include the dividends that would be paid.

May 1 Retirement Model Portfolio

Mar 8 TrialTomorrow’s Q&A Webinar. I hope you will join me tomorrow, Tuesday, May 2, at 12:30 pm Eastern for our Special Presentation SOTW Q&A. Click Here to Register! Friday’s presentation video profiled Mike, a 78-year old retiree who overcame roadblocks trading options before finding success after taking VectorVest’s Options Paycheck course. In 4 months Mike has had 17 winning option trades, 2 losing trades and $12,667 in net profit. View the SOTW to see how he did it!  Here’s our webinar agenda:

  1. Review the SOTW and answer your questions.
  2. Review the new CA model portfolios and study some stock graphs.
  3. Review a Member’s Insight about a US ETF that holds a Robotics and Automation Index.
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Here is the agenda:

Special Presentations:

  1. Weekly Zone Pattern Recognition — Presented by David Paul, Managing Director, VectorVest UK
  2. Energy Sector Review Ahead of the May 25 OPEC Meeting — Presented by Michael Wuetherick, Energy Insider and Red Deer, AB User Group Leader

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