30 12, 2022


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Written by: Stan Heller For more than 25 years, VectorVest Founder Dr. Bart DiLiddo, his team of investing coaches, and many successful subscribers have shared their secrets and strategies for beating the market. Successful traders tweak their trading plans or shift entirely to a different system when market conditions change. However, the basic principles of [...]

25 08, 2021

Four Reasons Why People Miss Out on Big Winners

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VectorVest Founder Dr. Bart DiLiddo writes in his classic little green investment book, “Young people have an invaluable asset on their side: Time. They don’t need to take risks. They can invest in tried-and-true companies that make money year-in and year-out...

15 06, 2021

Stock Market Myth #2

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In my May 21st essay before the long weekend, I wrote that this would be a great time to brush up on your investing knowledge by re-reading Dr. Bart DiLiddo’s classic little green investment book, Stocks, Strategies & Common Sense. Well, I took my own advice...

30 09, 2020

Two out of Three Ain’t Bad

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If you have tried the graph packages offered by your broker and other services, you soon realize how fortunate we are to have VectorVest graphs. Firstly, for me, the Candlesticks are so darn visually appealing!

22 05, 2019

A Gameplan for Market Pullbacks and Corrections

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Whatever you think about US President Trump’s handling of trade negotiations with China, there can be little doubt that the markets are reacting to every tweet and every bit of news...

7 05, 2019

Follow These Five Basic Rules For Picking Stocks

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With so many choices in a rising market, selecting the best stocks can be challenging for many investors. While every investor will have their own goals and investment style, having a clear set of basic rules can help.

3 08, 2018

7 Rules to Survive and Thrive in a Market Pullback.

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To be clear, we are not in a market correction or even an official pullback as I write this on Tuesday. It just feels like it.

10 07, 2018

Two Unique Investment Styles Showcased During International Online User Group Forum

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We were treated to two highly effective yet quite different searches and trading systems during our International Online User Group Forum Saturday, July 7.

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