Apr 25 SOTWWell, the results are in from the first phase of VectorVest’s Worry Free Investing Challenge, and they are absolutely stunning.  Imagine taking your $100,000 portfolio and growing it to more than $1 million in less than 20 years.  How exciting! Well, that’s exactly what 76 contestants managed to do. There were 132 entries in all that beat VectorVest’s benchmark portfolio performance, qualifying them for the second phase of the competition. Each of the entries delivered outstanding result as you’ll see during our Q&A webinar tomorrow.

Click Here for Tomorrow’s Q&A Webinar. Please join me tomorrow for our weekly Q&A webinar tomorrow at 12:30 pm Eastern. We’ll study the contest results and answer your questions. Are we at the market top? We’ll study the market in Realtime tomorrow and examine VectorVest’s indicators to know whether the market is more likely to continue moving up or more likely to fall from here. Finally, we’ll analyze a few leading stocks for some stock ideas.

Simply Incredible! The first-stage contest leader achieved an eye-popping 3,382% ARR, turning $100,000 into $64,834,038. Just look at the equity curve below.

Of course, a backtest is a backtest. There is typically some luck involved and possibly some curve-fitting. That’s the nature of stock contests. However, the most successful strategies revealed some common characteristics and strategies in stock selection and when to buy and when to sell.  Most revealing of course is the consistent effectiveness of VectorVest’s Relative Safety indicator. Used as the sort, it brings the most financially sound stocks to the top of the list.

So, the proof in the pudding will be revealed over the next three months as the WFI Challenge moves into the second phase. This will consist of live paper trading the trading systems of each of the 136 first stage qualifiers from May 1 to July 29. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for contest results and details about the trading systems of the leading entries.

April 25 Contest