8 02, 2016

Saturday’s Online Forum started with a dire market warning; showed an exciting new trading system; and a lesson on how to create your own custom fields.

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WATCH THE RECORDING Excerpt from Dr. DiLiddo's Friday Views essay: “Take a look at the EPS of the VVC. So batten down the hatches. We’re heading into stormy water.” That dire warning is how we started Saturday’s exciting and instructive VectorVest Canada Online Forum. In our 7-Minute Market Forecast, we discussed how Dr. DiLiddo was [...]

24 01, 2016

Selling PUT Options Coming Off A Market Bottom

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By Don Fanstone, Member, Kitchener-Waterloo User Group With the market down significantly, at some point it will start its inevitable upward climb. VectorVest timing will tell us when. BE PATIENT! When the turnaround occurs, it’s a good time to SELL PUT Options AS WELL AS BUYING CALL Options. Selling PUTS on Optionable stocks incurs risk. [...]

14 12, 2015

Play The Birthday Game for Fun and Profit

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Investing doesn't get easier than this! If you're looking for an incredibly SIMPLE way to make money with VectorVest, watch this week's "Special Presentation." You'll learn how easy it is to pick high-probability winners with VectorVest's one-of-a-kind "Birthday Game" and how you could use it to win an extra free month of VectorVest service! Want to [...]

29 11, 2015

Learn about checking the news in Tuesday’s SOTW Q&A Webinar

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STRATEGY OF THE WEEK: "STOCK VALUATION AND STOCK MARKET CYCLES." With earnings season winding down and what seems a likely chance of an interest rate hike in December, we thought that it was the perfect time to revisit a fantastic "Special Presentation" given by our founder, Dr. Bart DiLiddo, titled "Stock Valuation And Stock Market [...]

23 11, 2015

Check out our DISNEY Trade Analysis, then submit a Trade Analysis Request for our Tuesday Q&A Webinar.

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"HOW TO OVERCOME THE 5 MOST COMMON INVESTING MISTAKES." was the topic of Friday's Special Presentation. It was timely as both Canada and U.S. Markets continued their choppy ride. Despite 2.7% and 3.5% weekly gains respectively and Primary Wave Up signals, it seems best in our current, largely news-driven market conditions to set smaller initial profit targets and [...]

15 11, 2015

These 13 widely-held stocks are breaking down.

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STRATEGY OF THE WEEK: "TRADING HIGHER HIGHS AND LOWER LOWS." Finding stocks, industries and sectors hitting new highs and lows is a powerful approach. But, which type should you use: a 52-week high, a 13-week high, or maybe a 5-day high? Todd Shaffer, Manager of Research, showed us some valuable approaches in this week's "Special Presentation" titled, [...]

8 11, 2015

That was exciting! In case you missed it, read on to get the Recording of Yesterday’s Terrific CA Online Forum

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Yes, by all accounts, yesterday's first monthly Canada Online Forum was exciting! It was also tremendously informative, energizing and confidence-building.  It was filled with stock selection and analysis ideas and methods. We had interaction and participation from Coast to Coast with several people adding valuable insights and asking great questions. We had terrific guest speakers: Emanuel Althuis [...]

28 09, 2015

Check out new video and position sizing spreadsheet. Reminder: SOTW Q&A Webinar tomorrow at 12:30 pm ET.

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Friday's Special Presentation about Market Timing was timely considering our volatile and generally bearish market the last few months. If you haven't yet viewed the Special Presentation video, you can access it from the TIMING tab, or go to VectorVest University. Then join me tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept 29 at 12:30 ET for our Q&A about the strategy [...]

9 09, 2015

Despite low MTI, expect more volatility and continued downside risk in news driven market

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Despite the Bank of Canada holding interest rates this morning, Canada’s main stock index slumped after a strong opening to end the day down 98 points. Energy was down 2.1%, materials 1.6%, and financials 0.63%. Bombardier was a bright spot, up 22% after Reuters reported it had rejected a Chinese takeover of its rail business. [...]

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