Nov 9 woo hooYes, by all accounts, yesterday’s first monthly Canada Online Forum was exciting! It was also tremendously informative, energizing and confidence-building.  It was filled with stock selection and analysis ideas and methods.

We had interaction and participation from Coast to Coast with several people adding valuable insights and asking great questions. We had terrific guest speakers: Emanuel Althuis shared his methods and success with Bottom Fishing and Covered Calls. Jake Pattinson, creator of Jake’s Patent Winners, explained how a couple of tweaks to his popular search and trading system has given him total confidence in trading his plan.

Here’s what Rose had to say about the Forum:  Q: Wow, this is a very useful session.  Thank you to Emanuel and Jake for sharing their wisdom and of course to Stan & Jamin and VV for coordinating the forum.  Fantastic Idea!   Thank you! 

Rick said: Q: Great session Stan. Having people show their best searches is a great way to get people excited.

VIEW THE RECORDING. If you missed the webinar or just want to review the information again, CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RECORDING.

Nov 9 SOTWVectorVest advocates buying rising stocks. Stocks in uptrends are reaching higher price highs. In this week’s Special Presentation, Cathy O’Nan, Manager of Internal Training, demonstrated how to use the HI-LO feature in the VectorVest UniSearch tool to reap the rewards that come from identifying stocks, industries and sectors hitting new highs or new lows.

Register Here for Our Weekly Q&A. View the presentation then join us for a live webcast on Tuesday, November 10th at 12:30PM EST where we will host a Q&A session related to this strategy presentation. We’ll also review current market conditions and analyze a few stocks.To register for this webcast CLICK HERE. Space is limited.

BEST and WORST PRICE PERFORMERS. Finally, in Saturday’s Forum we showed the Best and Worst Price Performers during the month of October. A few people asked me how to set up the search to get this information on a regular basis for themselves. I created a short ‘how to’ video to walk them through the steps. I’m delighted to share it with you as well. CLICK HERE TO SEE STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO TO SET UP YOUR SEARCH.

Nov 9 Top Price Gainers

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Presented by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada