Excerpt from Dr. DiLiddo’s Friday Views essay: “Take a look at the EPS of the VVC. So batten down the hatches. We’re heading into stormy water.”

That dire warning is how we started Saturday’s exciting and instructive VectorVest Canada Online Forum. In our 7-Minute Market Forecast, we discussed how Dr. DiLiddo was giving subscribers guidance to continue to be defensive with positions we own, and not buy stocks long until we see more green lights in the Colour Guard. The warning provides excellent guidance for both Canada and U.S. markets. Below, the graph of our Canadian MTI shows significant resistance overhead.

Feb 8 MTI2

RELATIVE SAFETY DRIVER. For when we do get the next Confirmed Up call, we learned a terrific new search and trading system developed by Rick Rodgers of Calgary. He calls it the Relative Safety Driver because it keys in on a rising Relative Safety (RS) as the driver of his system. We have already learned how RS is the tremendously effective new SORT for then Birthday Game Challenge. Now Rick showed attendees how creatively using RS in his system delivered consistently solid annual returns in backtesting through several market conditions. Results also showed a low maximum drawdown, something on which Rick places great importance.

NEW DOJI SEARCH. Graham Jones of our Calgary User Group showed how he has used the Custom Field Builder to create and modify search criteria. For example, he showed how using a percent for price increases and decreases could improve VectorVest Candlestick Doji search.

EXPLOSIVE GAINS FROM MARKET BOTTOMS. Finally, we learned a 5-Step Trading System for identifying an oversold market and how to go bottom-fishing for consistent, explosive returns.

Feb 8 market bottoms

You can get all the details by reviewing the attached slides and listening to a Forum replay. WATCH THE REPLAY.

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Presented by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

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