Investing doesn’t get easier than this! If you’re looking for an incredibly SIMPLE way to make money with VectorVest, watch this week’s “Special Presentation.” You’ll learn how easy it is to pick high-Dec 10 SOTW Birthday Gameprobability winners with VectorVest’s one-of-a-kind “Birthday Game” and how you could use it to win an extra free month of VectorVest service!

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It’s quite simple to play. Go to the stock viewer. Open the date calendar. Select your month and date of birth from AT LEAST one year ago. If date falls on a holiday or weekend, use the next business day. Return the top 20 stocks sorted by VST – Value, Safety and Timing. Quick test to the current date. Repeat the process going back two years, quick test to the current date. Repeat the process going back three years, and quick test again to the current date. If any one of your three runs DO NOT make money, your can win a one month extention to your VectorVest subscription.

Send me your results please. It might be interesting if several of you in our VectorVest community shared your results with me prior to our Tuesday webcast. I will plan to provide an analysis of the submissions during our Q&A webinar. Best and Worst months for example. (send to [email protected])  Here are the results for my birthday, Feb 4:

Run #1 Feb 4, 2014 to Dec 11, 2015 – (-4.16%) (Yay, I win a free month!)
Run #2 Feb 4, 2013 to Dec 11, 2015 – 45.47%
Run #3 Feb 4, 2012 to Dec 11, 2015 – 25.78%

Not too bad. That’s an average return per run of 22.36%, and I would still win a free month for my losing Run #1.

Taking It One Step Further. Now, since I am quite Risk averse and since The Birthday Game is buy and hold through up and down markets, I wondered how I would have done if I eliminated ETFs, Mining and Petroleum stocks, which are more cyclical, while keeping everything else the same? Below are the QuickTest results for all three Feb 4 periods:

Run #1 – 12.19%
Run #2 – 71.78%
Run #3 – 97.38%

Even better. An average return per run of 60.45%. But no free month for a losing run.

And finally, since Dr. DiLiddo writes in his classic little green book, Stocks, Strategies and Common Sense, that stocks with high Relative Safety have less need for ‘turnover’ in an investor’s portfolio, I wondered what would happen if I changed the sort to RS (Relative Safety) from VST? This would find the ‘safest’ stocks in the Canadian market at the time of my birthday. Here are those results:

Run #1 – 45.56%
Run #2 – 72.97%
Run #3 – 137.66%

Amazing! An average per run of 85.39%. Now we didn’t have a prolonged, and steep bear market like 2008 to worry about. All bets are off when VectorVest sounds the alarm about those conditions. However, it seems in ‘normal’ market conditions the longer I hold these ‘safe’ stocks, the better I do. For someone with my birthday, it looks like buying the highest RS stocks and no ETFs, Mining or Petroleum might be a very good long term strategy. Just don’t expect to win a free month from VectorVest playing The Birthday Game.

The VOLATILITY CONTINUES. It looks like we can expect the choppy and uncertain market action to continue this week. The dark cloud of the expected interest rate hike this week and still weakening oil prices are adversely affecting the markets. For long term investors, it’s a good time to be patient and have your WatchList ready.

Dec 14 Market Timing Vol

Presented by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

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