Feb 19 Better Investing WorkshopI’m excited to be heading out next week to Oshawa Feb 22, Barrie Feb 24 and Kitchener Feb 25 to present what several recent attendees called the best one-day investing workshop we’ve ever put together.

Why is this education so important now? More than ever it will be a stock picker’s market in 2017. Stock analysis using both fundamentals and technicals will be more important than ever. It will also be essential in 2017 to know the Climate of the Market. Earnings. Interest rates. Inflation. Industry Rotation. There will be winners and losers. Timely and easy to interpret information, not just data, is going to be critical to developing and carrying out your plan for making money in 2017. That’s what VectorVest gives you.

And that’s why we created the ALL-NEW Better Investing Workshop. It combines the power of fundamental valuation with the insight of technical analysis that is sure to make you a better investor. Understanding industry rotation is going to be critical in 2017.  We’ll show you how. You’ll not only learn how to pick the best stocks in the best industries, but also when is the safest time to buy them. You will learn how to manage your trades, manage your risk and conquer your emotions to improve your profit.

Do you have a plan for making money in 2017? Our VectorVest Better Investing one-day workshop will guide you to create and implement your plan.  This is a presentation you will NOT want to miss. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Call 1-800-231-0110 to Register or click on the links below.

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Oshawa – Wednesday, February 22

Barrie – Friday, February 24

Kitchener – Saturday, February 25 

Continental Breakfast and Lunch Included. Doors open at 8:00. Workshop: 9:00-04:30

I hope to see you there!

Yours truly,

Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

P.S. One of our longtime VectorVest subscribers recently attended the Jan. 26 Nanaimo, BC Better Investing Workshop. Below is what she wrote to her VectorVest friends about the workshop, reprinted with her permission.

Jan 26, 2017

Gentlemen: I have just returned from a very full day at the VV Seminar.  It was, by far, head and shoulders above any of the past VV seminars I have attended, perhaps ever, including the two day workshops.

There was a fresh approach to covering all of the required information – the system of analyzing stocks highlighting the indicators but demonstrating why they are so important. Of course some of these things I have felt are “same old same old” but Stan’s presentation brought importance back to these areas and how they can be used by each individual investor.

My favourite part of the seminar was of course the Industry rotation section.  I have been using industry rotation for some time since Stan introduced it in the summer, I was really thinking I had it nailed.  While in  this seminar Stan offered more ways to utilize industry rotation and stock selection.

The workbook each attendee was given is also far more detailed than any I have received previously.  A great reference.

The day went by very quickly.  The agenda ran on time.   Needless to say – Stan Heller developed this program.  I can only imagine the many hours that it involved.  As with everything Stan does it was First Class.