Dec 28 Merry SOTWAre you kidding me? A 53% average annual gain over the last three years?  I think most of us would be thrilled with half that return, especially considering this year’s 10% decline in the TSX. And yes, all but three of these long-term winners, two banks and a railroad, have posted a positive return so far in 2015. Royal Bank is the worst performer this year, down 5.7%. Still, the average 2015 YTD gain is 40.21%, including the three losers.

So where do we find these stocks? The list is a compilation of top stocks from six of my favourite Conservative, Prudent and Retirement VectorVest searches run on Dec 24, 2015.

These 40 stocks have made the cut for our new January 2016 WOW Dividends WatchList which you will find in VectorVest’s Special WatchList folder. The list will be updated Jan 4 with these 40 stocks. After that, the list will be updated on a monthly basis throughout the year, dropping off any stocks that are faltering in fundamentals and replacing them with stocks that have stronger fundamentals. The list will be maintained at 40 stocks, something new this year.

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Below is a 3-year WatchList Average Graph of these top 40 Retirement Stocks. The graph allows us to study the equity curve of these 40 stocks using the average price through the years. Prices do not include the dividend which is currently an average 1.47% annually. Current average Dividend Safety (DS) is 79 which is excellent on a scale of 0-99.



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Wishing you continued Happy Holidays and a healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR.

Presented by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

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