Valuable Investing Insights were shared by our presenters during the January 2 VectorVest Canada Online Forum. (Slides are attached below). Here in a nutshell are the top 7 lessons from our fellow VectorVest members:

  1. A Forewarning of 7 Global Concerns to watch out for, including #1 – Oil Prices Continuing to Fall. How to monitor Petroleum using the WatchList Average Graph of the 49 petroleum stocks in the S&P TSX Composite. (Graph Shown Below)
  2. Lessons from VectorVest’s Jockey Club – How to benefit the most from the daily market guidance and trade ideas presented during the pre-market Jockey Club.
  3. How to analyze a top Canadian Industry Group performer and what factors are driving prices right now.
  4. How you could have known to buy 5 petroleum stocks on Dec 18 that returned greater than 14% in just a few days.
  5. How to set up your Long Term Trading Plan for less stress and better results.
  6. 2015’s Best and Worst Performers.
  7. How to use a simple but valuable tool to set-up your trades in a Volatile Market…and how to get it!

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Presented by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this Blog is for education and information purposes only. Example trades must not be considered as recommendations. You should always do your own analysis and invest based on your own risk tolerance, investment style, goals and time horizon. There are risks involved in investing and only you know your financial situation, risk tolerance, financial goals and time horizon.

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