sharing ideasVectorVest this fall offered three outstanding prizes to any Canada VectorVest User Group that wished to organize a stock picking contest. A few Groups, including the Montreal group, have announced the successful completion of their contests.

The purpose of the contests is to encourage group member’s participation in sharing their stock analysis and selection strategies through discussion and demonstration at each meeting.

A major goal is that members should come away from every meeting with a better understanding of how other investors are using VectorVest. This includes how they use the stock viewer, how they set up their graphs and how they use other analysis tools in VectorVest to make buy and sell decisions. A significant benefit is that members should come away from each meeting with two, three or more actionable stock ideas for further study.

Prizes offered by VectorVest are as follows:
3rd place – one month free added to the winner’s subscription
2nd place – two month’s free added to the winner’s subscription
1st place – three month’s free added to the winner’s subscription

Plan to Attend A User Group Meeting Near You for Fun, Fellowship and Learning.
Meetings dates, times and agendas are announced every Friday in the VectorVest Views. Scroll down to the User Group Section and look for the Canada listings. Click on the link for a community near you. All VectorVest members and guests are welcome to attend any meeting.

CONTEST RULES. A few groups are still planning to kick off their contests in January and February. Each group has determined their own contest rules subject to guidelines developed by VectorVest. Presented below as an example are the contest rules set out by our Montreal User Group.

Montreal User Group Stock Picking Contest Rules and Procedures
– submitted by Peter Neumann, User Group Leader, Montreal User Group

The contest will start on October 20, 2014 (Monday) at the opening of the markets (9:30 AM) and will close on December 5, 2014 at the close of the markets (4:00 PM)

Thus the contest is approximately 2 months in duration

1 ) General

1.1 The contest will be limited to US OR Canadian markets. Participants will have to choose either the US or Canadian market for the entire length of the contest as VectorVest cannot track stocks coming from two different database in the same portfolio.

1.2 The amount of money available to invest is $100,000 (whether you are using US or CDN ) Note: Since the winner will be determined by percentage of gain, the exchange rate does not matter.

1.3 The winner will be determined by the individual that has the greatest percentage dollar gain in their portfolio over the timed period. The percentage will be determined from the change in your portfolio selection from the daily opening price of the stock (s ) following the opening day of the contest until the market closes on the final day.

1.4 Prizes will be awarded for first, second, third and for general participation as indicated below.

1.5 For full transparency and to avoid any potential conflict of interest, your VV assistant leadership (F Barriere and JC Lajeuness) will be allowed to enter but they will not be eligible to claim any of the top three prizes. Just to be clear this means that if Francois B or JC were to finish in the top three position they would not be able to claim any of the top three prizes BUT would be eligible for a future free Buffet meal and also be entered into the general drawing . As example, if an executive member finished second, that would not count and the person not on the executive who finished third would finish in the second position . Also, to avoid any considerations of potential conflict of interest, the Montreal VV Group Leader ( Peter Neumann ) will not participate in the contest.

1.6 Our treasurer (Francois Barriere) will be setting up the portfolios, tracking the data and confirming transactions with the participants. This should avoid any downstream misunderstandings.

1.7 You may enter the contest at any time after the official start.