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Written by:  Sandy Cook, Kelowna, BC User Group Leader

In our group we do monthly picks.  This is my comment about our October picks:  The US is ahead, with AAPL and NXST being the dividend stocks (1.16% and 1.76% for the month respectfully).  In the CA picks, only FLY is not dividend paying.  If you put these names, either CA or US into a watchlist , you can see the amount of the dividend, the yield and the EPS.  I personally do not like the EPS to be less than the DIV.  The only one I see of all the picks is SGY with an EPS of -0.01 and a DIV of 0.1.  So, it looks like the company is paying out more than they earn.  NOTE:  THESE ARE GENERAL COMMENTS SO THE PORTFOLIO IS ITSELF IS IRRELEVANT!

VectorVest Model Portfolios. We reviewed the Model Portfolios in both Canada and the US.  You will notice that most portfolios were flat in 2018, however, it is interesting and valuable to see which ones have been performing well for 2019.  CA and US Model Portfolios YTD

There was a question about how one might use this information.  My suggestion is that you click on the portfolio to see the holdings and performance.  If you then click on the Details tab in the upper right hand panel, it will take you to the page showing the Timing, search used and sell parameters.  I suggest using the timing; when you have a buy signal, perform the suggested search; then graph all using your favourite configuration.  Then you can decide if these selections are appropriate for you investment rules.

All information is good!  However, you must filter for that which is positive for your purposes.

We also reviewed the document copied below explaining VectorVest Proprietary Database Parameters.

Proprietary Database Parameters V1

Proprietary Database Parameters V2Mission and Risk Disclaimer Blog