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I hope you had the opportunity May 18-20 to watch a few, if not all, of the Financial Freedom Summit presentations. It was an unmatched opportunity to hear from a variety of in-house and guest experts covering all aspects of investing in stocks, ETFs and options.

In case you missed it, or you would just like to have the recordings for reference to watch at your leisure, you can still purchase the complete Video Set for just $95 USD, a $300 saving over the regular price. Order now at to access all the lessons of AN EXTRAORDINARY FINANCIAL FREEDOM SUMMIT.

VectorVest management and staff deserve a big thank you for putting this event on for our benefit. Organizing the Summit takes an enormous amount of planning, time, and energy. It was evident to all that our VectorVest team worked hard to deliver a rewarding and profitable experience for our subscribers and other investors. Judging from the comments by so many, they succeeded in every respect. Congratulations, and well done!

On a personal note, the comments in the YouTube chatbox were a pleasure to read, and not just all the accolades coming in for the speakers, VectorVest and the Summit, although there were plenty of those. People were chatting with each other, sharing their experiences, their investing ideas, and generally having a good time. There were many questions, and they were thoughtful and constructive. Several of our seasoned subscribers took an active role, jumping in to answer general investing questions and specific questions about the VectorVest software, commenting as though they were ambassadors for our services and products, which of course, they are.

It was a “community” atmosphere, the same feeling I get at all our VectorVest events, and perhaps especially our International webinars, which the Summit was in spades, attracting hundreds upon hundreds of investors worldwide.  Gratifying and grateful does not begin to describe what it means to have such far-reaching participation and support.

Senior Instructor Glenn Tompkins set the tone as an engaging, entertaining, and knowledgeable host. Jen Rivera, VectorVest’s Social Marketing Director, answered questions all day long and created a ton of enthusiasm, encouraging attendees to push the LIKE button for presentations and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Hundreds of you did just during each one the three days.

May 2020 Financial Freedom Summit

Keynote speakers brought a wealth of experience and expertise to a wide variety of investing topics.

DAY 1 was all about Investing for Your Future

My presentation, titled Finding the Very Stocks, showed how to mine VectorVest to find big winners by systematically using the stock viewer, WatchLists, UniSearch and Graphs. Mark Noble, Vice President of Horizons ETF Management, followed with valuable tips for trading ETFs. Other presentations included Objectives for Investing, 10 Retirement Stocks You Should Own, the 10-Minute Investor, and the Ultimate Retirement Solution. There were also two outstanding presentations by Russell Markham, VectorVest’s Managing Director for Australia, one about High Net Profit Margin Stocks and the other about the history and importance of gold stocks in the Australian market. Zac Zacharia, of Australia’s Centra Asset Management, really hit the mark with attendees when he talked about Asset Allocation & VectorVest: The Secret to Managing Investment Risk Better than a Professional.

DAY 2 allowed investors and traders to learn all about Swing Trading – Gaining the Trader’s Edge

Dr. David Paul delivered an exceptional talk about the Anatomy of a Swing Trade and special guest Lindsey Bell of Ally Invest, a frequent commentator on CNBC, gave a fascinating overview of current market conditions and forecasts before revealing her top trading ideas for uncertain markets. Other presentations included Understanding Technical Analysis, Mastering Order Entry in the TradeStation Platform, Trading in the Fast Lane, an update of the Star Search trading system, and Swing Trading with the Derby.

DAY 3 served up seven presentations centred around Options for Income, Profit, and Protection

The topics were of interest to Options beginners and those more advanced.

All in all, the Financial Freedom Summit was chock-full of valuable money-making trade ideas, turnkey trading systems, proven approaches in fundamental and technical analysis, how to read market direction, portfolio and risk management strategies, and sound investing principles. Our VectorVest team captured it all.

Financial Freedom Summit On-Demand Videos

The VectorVest team has put together an extraordinary Financial Freedom Summit Video Set. This is a complete set of the presentation recordings that you can pause, rewind and fast forward to learn at your own pace. You can purchase the Video Set now for just $95 USD, a $300 saving over the regular price. Order now at to access all the lessons of AN EXTRAORDINARY FINANCIAL FREEDOM SUMMIT.

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