Top 20 VST Stocks

VectorVest subscribers have always enjoyed considerable success by simply buying top VST stocks from the stock Viewer. It makes sense. VST brings together the best combination of Value, Safety and Timing. I wondered, could traders and investors gain an additional edge by finding these great stocks when they first crack the Top 20 VST list? Let’s find out.

First, let’s create a search to make it simple and fast to find the stocks. Copied below is a setup that works for me. The Sort is the default VST DESC, but it rarely if ever comes into play because so few stocks move into the top 20 VST ranking on any given day.

Date/Time Parameter Operator Value
Time of Search Stock Stock = Top 20 by VST
1 day ago Stock Stock <> Top 20 by VST
2 days ago Stock Stock <> Top 20 by VST

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The Parameter section can be tricky.  You will just click on Stocks/Filter By/Stock. In Value, choose Sorted Stocks/Custom/Highest 20 Stocks By VST. If you need assistance setting this up, please click here to watch a short training video.

The question is, will these new Top VST Stocks make us some money? My favourite testing method is to study past performance using graphs and Quicktests. Here are my results using random search dates taken on a GLB signal or a day or two after. To be upfront, my “sell dates” are somewhat arbitrary, although I tried to be consistent by keeping losses small and taking profits early, usually after the first or second red candlestick after a new high.

12/31/20 – 02/11/21 – JAG, Jaguar Mining, 24.34%/211.68% ARR.
12/31/20 – 02/18/21 – PCLO, Pharmacielo Ltd, 27.88%/207.85% ARR.
01/05/21 – 07/30/21 – GSY, Goeasy Ltd,75.08%/133.77% ARR
01/05/21 – 07/30/21 – CS, Capstone Mining, 103.27%/184.00% ARR
01/07/21 – 03/19/21 – NPK, Verde Potash, 52.89%/272.10% ARR
01/07/21 – 02/24/21 – EFL, Electrovaya Inc, 31.45%/239.29% ARR
01/07/21 – 02/10/21 – HMJU, HBP MJ 2x Co, 416.87%/4,478.33% ARR
03/18/21 – 04/14/21 – TTR, Titanium Transp, 8.27%/111.83% ARR
03/18/21 – 07/30/21 – YCM, New Commerce Sp, 56.92%/155.16% ARR
03/18/21 – 05/10/21 – DBM, Doman Building, (-2.75%)/(-18.93%) ARR
03/18/21 – 04/15/21 – QBTC.U, The Bitcoin Fund, 10.24%/133.52% ARR
03/18/21 – 07/30/21 – TFII, TFI Interntnl, 47.51%/129.49% ARR
06/04/21 – 07/12/21 – GATO, Gatos Silver, 18.18%/174.76% ARR
06/04/21 – 07/07/21 – AYA, Aya Gold, 18.29%/202.45% ARR
06/04/21 – 07/06/21 – OBE, Obsidian Energy, 77.21%/881.23% ARR
06/05/21 – 06/25/21 – ORA, Aura Minerals, 6.76%/117.56% ARR

These are terrific results, even taking into account that I almost certainly would not do as well in real-life trading. That said, some cherry-picking based on price action and the slope of the 40-MA of RT could help avoid some false breakouts and deliver even better results.

I used the Backtester for some additional testing. This delivered similarly excellent results during the recent DEW and Confirmed Up Calls, but not that nearly as good going back two and three years. Best overall for me was holding six positions maximum with a 50% Gain/15% Loss for risk management. From November 05, 2020, to July 30th, 2021, a period in which the TSX gained about 25%, the backtest gained 103.65% with 56% winning trades. Max Drawdown was just 5.77%.

Again, 3 and 5-year Backtests using the same setup delivered paltry results compared to the above. My conclusion – cherry-picking and exiting positions based on price action in graphs as I did in my Quicktests potentially delivers more consistent winners than an automated system.

My goal with this essay was not to deliver a turnkey trading system, but rather to show you another interesting and potentially profitable way to use the power of UniSearch. The possibilities are endless now that you know how to find THE NEWEST TOP 20 VST STOCKS.