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Learn about Thematic ETF Investing

Well, by all accounts, another interesting and valuable International Online User Group Forum Saturday, Feb. 10. Our keynote speaker, Ed Subak, member of the Florida, The Villages User Group, shared with attendees his research and outstanding guidance on opportunities available in Thematic ETF Investing. He explained what thematic ETFs are, and why they offer advantages over many traditional ETFs.  He also explained the criteria he uses to find the best candidates, and he gave us a few terrific examples for our WatchLists.

Bob T. chatted in, Q: “This presentation will pay for my subscription next year.”

Ed explained the underlying forces that are driving megatrends in ETFs, forces such as aging population, technological advances, social and cultural changes, geopolitical changes, climate change and more. Example ETFs included BOTZ, robotics; ARKK, innovation; HACK, cybersecurity; LIT, lithium; and SKYY, cloud computing. In selecting a thematic ETF, Ed said investors should be mindful of the reputation and experience of the ETF management; the age of the ETF and sufficient assets under management. The performance graph shown below shows BOTZ outperformed the QQQ’s during the previous 12 months, 45.53% to 22.55%.

View the Recording

In case missed it, or you just want to review, here is the link to click to Saturday’s recording: Slides attached, with the suggestion to save the file to your computer for reference. If you do print, print in grayscale to save ink, and only print those slides you really need.

PDF of the slides:

February 10 2018 Online Forum Themed ETFsV2

Are We Near A Market Bottom?

In the opening segment, VectorVest Canadian consultant explained VectorVest’s analysis of the markets with a review of the Color Guards in all our VectorVest countries. In the US Views, our Founder, Dr. Bart DiLiddo was preparing investors and traders for a potentially explosive rally and the signs to look for.

How to Watch the Recording

If you missed the live event, I’m sure you’re going to find value in listening to the recording. You can fast forward, pause, and rewind. Click on the double-arrow icon at the bottom right to enlarge to full screen.

Attendee Comments

Here are just a few comments attendees chatted in during the Forum, and specifically about Ed’s presentation:

Q: “FANATASTIC!”  “Great ideas” – Richard G.

Q: “When Ed speaks, the audience listens…” at the V.V. User Group in The Villages, FL – Gene S., User Group Leader, The Villages, FL

Q: “Thank you Stan and all of your presenters for the quality of research and for all the time expended in the preparations. I’m sure this is truly appreciated by all of us.” – Steven M.

Q: “This is an excellent presentation, informative, clear, precise and logical.  Stan, you continue to provide real value added with these Forums.”  – Teri G.

Q: “Absolutely excellent presentation Ed.  Timely as we move to a new type of market.” – Audrey K.

Q: “Another great webinar!!  Thank-you Stan, Ed and all!” – Val F.

Q: “Very good coverage of the markets Stan. Ed’s presentation provided a great new investment strategy to add to our VV toolkits.  Thanks to both of you for sharing your experience and wisdom with us.” – Irwin B.

Member Insights

We also had some valuable insights and observations from attendees that I missed noting during the webinar, so here are a few of them:

Q: “Good time to use the fib tool here on these legs down and watch where the 50% retracements are.” – Petra H., User Group Leader, Burlington, ON

Q: “FEYE FireEye just got big earnings, up 9% so cybersecurity should be good.” – Trinh L. Note: Keep you eyes HACK as a WatchList candidate.

Q: “I would add REMX to the conversation as it is an ETF tracking Rare Earth Metals.” – Barry K. Note: US ETF. Nice looking graph. Fib retracement to 38.2, also at a strong support level.

Q: “Great presentation – here is a tip to boost returns- from the best performing ETF, check the companies therein and buy the top performing company or companies -cheers!”  – Peter N., User Group Leader, Montreal, QC

So, we can expect the volatility to continue in the early days ahead, at least until a more consistent uptrend is in place, so be cautious, but be ready to take advantage of a potentially explosive bottom fishing opportunity as described by our Founder, Dr. DiLiddo. The Bottom Fishing Basics on slide 14 may help guide you.

Wishing you safe investing everyone!


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