Finger-Four Flight Formation

We had a great online forum meeting this month. If you were unable to attend, please CLICK OR TAP HERE to view the replay.  We had a lot of wonderful feedback on Margaret Bell’s presentation on “Finger-Four Formation.”  Here’s a recap of Margaret’s simple trading plan including graphs from her trade set-ups.

An Ideal Finger-Four Flight Formation

We now have another simple but highly effective layout that you can add to your list of favourite things about VectorVest graphs. The Finger-Four Formation, named for a fighter aircraft flight formation, is one key element in an overall trading plan presented by Margaret Bell. Thank-you Margaret! Here is a sample of what attendees had to say:

“What a presentation we had from Margaret Bell. Very visual, informative and easy to implement.” – Michel G.

“This has been the best system I have seen because it is so SIMPLE.” – Dan W.

“Love the jets visual. Great way to keep the signal in focus.” – Don L.

“Another excellent, information packed session Stan. Thanks for being there for all of us. Margaret is one of our Canadian VV stars who always bats 1000 when she is presenting.” – Irwin B.

Finger-Four Formation for stocks

Market Review

March 3rds market review gives rise to some optimism that markets may reverse course and resume an upward move next week. Expect more volatility, but here are the encouraging signs:

  • Around the VectorVest World, five of the eight countries we cover have moved to a Confirmed Up, C/Up call including Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa. Canada, US and UK remain in Confirmed Down calls, but with some encouraging signs.
  • The long green, unfilled candle at the bottom of the US MTI graph Friday shows buyer came back in strongly. We are near the bottom of trend channel, so time to buy if the bounce continues.
  • The US Views Strategy section stated, “Aggressive investors should be prepared to go bottom-fishing and bargain hunting at Monday’s Open.
  • In CA, the MTI graph shows price moved up from a support level Friday.
VectorVest Markets in review

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Member’s Insights: Favourite Things About VV Graphs

Finally, I think you’re going to love the Member’s Insights section at the end of the presentation. As a follow-up to my essay in Friday’s CA Views, I shared emails I received from several members who commented with examples of their favourite things about VectorVest graphs. The we did a Quick Poll of webinar attendees allowing member to pick 3 of 5 things that they value the most about VectorVest graphs: 84% like the Saved Layouts such as Star Search, Midas Touch, MTI and their own favourite set-ups; 79% like VectorVest’s Moving Averages and Trendlines, 78% like the ability to put Earnings, Value and other key VV indicators on their graphs; 36% like VV Candlesticks; and 14% like the Weekly Graphs.

Below is one example of several submissions that we discussed during Saturday’s Forum.

Member's Insights

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Thanks again everyone for participating and making these International Forums such an enjoyable and valuable experience. Time well spent!

Our next Forum will be Saturday, April 7. Keynote Speaker will be Tony Jackson of the Atlanta User Group on the topic, “30 Minute Trading System, An ETF Trading Plan”. Watch for registration information in the coming weeks.

Best Regards, and Safe Investing.


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