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Written by:  Mike Simonato, Ontario Presenter: “My Three Friends”, Dec. 3, 2016, VectorVest International Online User Group (Click here to View: My Three Friends)

This market makes no sense but for now, I’m making insane amounts of money.  (Between the mkt and work up $10,000 this week).  History has taught me that I’m not that smart and the market hates me.  There are many warning signs yet those playing it right are making insane amounts of money this year. I have found when I get giddy that’s a sure-fire sign of a top so be careful because I’m giddy on roids  Here are some things I’m seeing.

Bankruptcies continue to soar.  3.600 in the first 6 months.  600 in June alone up 43% from June 2019  Many included are big names such as GNC, JC Penny, Hertz, Neiman Marcus, Golds Gym, 24 hour fitness, Lucky Brand Jeans, True Religion, Brooks Bros and David’s Tea to name a few. A shocker for me was the Catholic Archdiosese of New Orleans.  Another Big world wide religion announced last night that there will be no big gatherings until at least 2022 and they are looking for ones who are expert in Real Estate, Investing, Tax Laws etc and can prove their qualifications. (They have been selling buildings for several years already)

Also, there continues to be a lot more commercial vacancies in Toronto/ (latest a big law firm is going from 5 floors to 2 floors in a downtown building) Despite the news there are still many warning signs including worldwide COVID cases soaring including the USA.

Despite all of the above follow Margaret Bell’s advice and focus on the Price action.

USA  MT 1.56, BSR 1.92

DOW JONES:        200 SMA still acting as strong resistance and Price is going sideways in a channel.  RT still weak

NASDAQ:               Continues to soar however watch RT Bearish Divergence

S&P 500 :               Stuck the last 6 days.  Want to see movement one way or another.

MKT TIMING:         Price going nowhere  RT and BSR Bearish Divergence so caution continues to be warranted

READ STRATEGY (Warning continues), MARKET CLIMATE (Earnings Indicator continues to fall further into Bear Mkt Territory)

MODEL PORTFOLIOS 2, 3, 5, and Money Makers Continue to soar

July 10 2020 US Model Portfolios









My Stock Picks Portfolio has done well the last 2 weeks (See Quick Test)

July 10 2020 US Model Portfolio


CANADA  MTI 1.53  BSR  1.69

PTSE:                Price went nowhere this week on low volume. RT still weak  I want to see breakout above the 200 SMA before I get excited/

VENTURE:        Continues to soar.  Previously I suggested adding a line to your fav search to profit from this move so I included a sample search doing just that and a quick test from a recent breakout point to show real results

MKT TIMING:    This week Price went nowhere.  MTI and BSR showing Bearish Divergence, so be cautious

REAL  Broke out today

MODEL PORTFOLIOS 1, 2 and 5 continue to soar

READ Views (See attachments where I created the search and added the Venture line and did a quick test to show results) Strategy and Climate (Earnings Indicator continues to fall further into Bear Mkt Territory

Notice Great Bear Resources, GBR, is up 183.79% from March 23 to June 22.

July 10 2020 Delta Search Venture