Gold Search

I don’t know if Regina will win the first ever worldwide Hot Stocks Picking Contest (HSPC) for VectorVest User Groups, but they’re off to an amazing start. At the close of Tuesday, August 6th, an 11.37% gain in just four trading days since the contest opened August 1st.  Who wouldn’t be thrilled with that?

The first monthly HSPC wraps up on August 30th, so lots can change, but it’s exciting to see Regina off to such great start. Remember, the overall market is down 3.2%. Another Canadian Group, Cobourg, is off to a great start as well, up 10.28%. Then comes Canberra, Australia at 2.66% followed by two more Canadian Groups, Ottawa at 2.46% and Winnipeg at 0.76%.

So, how did Regina do it? Well, fortunately we had the Group’s Irwin Blank in attendance at our weekly Q&A Tuesday, and he shared their strategy with us. Irwin and Allan Kissner, Leader of the Regina Group, have worked closely together for several years to make the Group’s monthly meetings a valuable learning experience for members.

Here’s what Irwin chatted in: “Here is the process we followed at our July 20th meeting. One of the group members mentioned how well gold stocks were doing, which led the group to Quicktesting various gold searches.  The stocks selected using Gold Rush Bull produced the best return since July 1st at 13.4% so the group decided to go with that search.  We created a watchlist of the top 20 stocks from the Gold Rush Bull search and graphed all the selected stocks.  We then went through a multistage cherry-picking process looking at the price and earnings trends of the top 20 selected stocks to identify the ten stocks with the best graph patterns.”


Wow! Right out of the VectorVest playbook. Buying top stocks in a rising Industry; stocks that have smooth, rising prices and rising earnings. What a fantastic learning experience for members of the Regina group, and a terrific opportunity for its members to participate. Well done!

VectorVest graph of Pretium

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By the way, the Gold Rush Bull search is a great search, but it’s only in the US software. However, it’s easy to duplicate and save in your CA software. If you need assistance, just call our Support team at 1-888-658-7638. Having compared this search against Gold Digger, long my go-to search for bottom fishing in gold stocks, I think I have A NEW FAVOURITE GOLD SEARCH.



The HSPC contest shows again the value of our local User Group meetings. People get together because they want to learn how to use VectorVest to make money in the stock market. They get to ask questions, learn how other VectorVest subscribers are using the program, and they come away with at least a few tradeable stock ideas from every meeting, just like the Regina User Group did on July 20th. They make new friends and have a few laughs at every meeting. How to get involved? Simply refer to the User Group section of these Views and find a User Group located near you. As a VectorVest subscriber, you’re entitled to attend any Group anywhere, anytime. Just go to the meeting and see what’s going on. I’m certain you will find it enjoyable, informative and quite profitable.


If you don’t live near a User Group community, the next best thing is to become a regular at one or more of our free VectorVest webinars. I look forward each week to our Tuesday Q&A webcasts because it’s like a community gathering. The group brings different perspectives and frequently offers the right kind of support and feedback to each other. And, it’s a lot of fun as well.