Golf analogy Part 3. ( last one I promise🤣)

To be good in any sport but especially golf you need 3 things.

  1. Natural talent (The Gift)
  2. An insane work ethic
  3. The ability to control your emotions

Natural talent  ( the gift). My uncle was a master carpenter and my dad was the head electrician for the Collingwood Shipyards.  My dad especially wanted me to follow in his footsteps.  Unfortunately, I had no talent in either field, I could saw a toothpick in a straight line, and in my electrical experience I took the end of a screwdriver off by hitting a live wire 😱.  My talents were in photography, sports, and running a business, and when I discovered this, my happiness and success soon followed. It’s the same with trading. We may think we can day trade or trade options etc but I know for me I will fail at both. It took me a while (lots of courses and testing etc) before I found what I was good at. Then and only then did I start to not only enjoy trading but became successful at it as well.

Insane work ethic. If you think anything in life is just handed to you, guess again. In golf, people would see me hitting insane drives and collecting my prizes etc but nobody saw the hours spent on driving ranges, on putting greens, or hitting ball after ball out of a sand trap. To this day, the shot I hated learning was hitting the ball to put the backspin on it. But you do what you have to do to be successful. Trading is the same. Do you think anybody you see presents in a forum or everything Stan does just came with no effort?  NO!!!  It requires hours of testing and failing and redoing or trying something different until it all comes together for us. Vector Vest gives us all the tools we need, but we must be willing to put forth the effort to find the best way for us to use those tools scorching to our individual talents.


Controlling emotion.  In any sport, and especially trading, this is the key.  In golf, the best leave nothing to chance. Even though the best have achieved much success before each day in a tournament, they spend time on the driving range hitting balls to get warmed up so when they step up to the first tee they are ready to go. Same in trading. We can do all the testing, take all the courses, and finally have found what works for us but why not paper trade it first for a period of time so when you put your hard-earned money to work you’re good to go.

Personally, I never listen to BNN or CNBC. I find them very distracting and throw me off my game.  I have better ways of getting the info I need. In my business, I’m in a large number of homes and see lots of Amazon boxes💰💰💰 and Apple computers and iPhones 💰💰💰.  I also have many business heads, pro traders, and top-level money managers I can talk to as well.  This all helps me not get sidetracked and helps me control my emotions.

As always nothing more than my 2 cents and I hope it’s of value and interest.

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