User Group Leader

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive for our first “panel-style presentation” at the International Online User Group Forum Saturday, September 14. The video recording is now available on VectorVest’s YouTube Channel at

People said they loved hearing directly from so many User Group Leaders worldwide. Seven Leaders open their mic’s and spoke about their August Hot Stock Picking Challenge (HSPC) strategies, results and learnings. Several others provided written reviews. In either case, the information was well received.

A few things really stood out in the User Group Leader’s review of the HSPC:

  • Several groups mentioned they had “fun”, especially when they were able to get together in person with their members (not all groups meet in summer);
  • There was lots of learning in the first contest, and likely even more coming from the September contest where group can manually make changes or “automate” their portfolios;
  • The HSPC has created excitement about the User Groups with many of you asking how to join a Group and how to start one in areas where we don’t have a Group.

Here a couple of comments that expresses the overall sentiment of attendees and the User Group Leaders themselves:

Q: Today’s presentation has been outstanding! Thank you so much for putting the slides together. It was great to see comments. UG leaders should not shy away from providing comments on the techniques they used. 36th place or 1st place there is extremely beneficial lessons to be learned by newbies and experienced members! The beauty is that we can listen to the replay and learn so much. Amazing presentation![Christine] [Q: 10:21 AM]

Q: It was great to listen to the perspectives of the different user group leaders regarding their group’s thought processes in selecting their portfolios.  Clearly there is a lot of talent within these VV groups from around the world.  It is great to be a part of it!  Thanks for hosting this excellent forum Stan. [Irwin] [Q: 10:52 AM]

Now that we’ve had this tremendous experience, I’m sure we’ll do more of the same in future.

Copied below is a review of the HSPC Stock Selection Analysis:

Stock Selection Analysis

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