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Our VectorVest community learned a terrific new way to use the ADX and MACD technical indicators during Saturday’s International Online User Group Forum, October 6.  Keynote speaker Dr. Barbara Star, technical trader, author and consultant, showed how a coordinated ADX and MACD, which she calls the CAM indicator, helps investors recognize four distinct patterns that help identify uptrends, downtrends, pullbacks and countertrend rallies.




The ADX shows the strength of price movement and the MACD shows the direction of price movement. Below is an example of the CAM UP pattern. The video replay shows how to set up your graphs and a couple of VectorVest searches that you will find useful for both long and short entries. The ProTrader add-in is required for the searches, but not the graphs.

VectorVest CA chart of APH

Click or tap image to enlarge.


We also benefitted from a terrific presentation by St. Louis, Missouri VectorVest User Group Leader Kirby Newbury, currently in 3rd place in the All-Subscriber Portfolio Challenge.  Kirby showed how he conducted his research and offered some valuable tips. He said he set out to create a trading system that would beat “that pesky rabbit”, Dr. DiLiddo’s Money Maker entry in the competition. So far so good! Kirby said that once he received the loaner of the AutoTimer, “an amazing tool”, he was able to run hundreds of backtests easily and quickly.

His testing revealed Double Ups was the top performing search during his test period with Jail Break a close 2nd. “The AutoTimer tool is amazing,” he said, “and Profit Locker really works.” With the goal of beating Dr. D’s entry and the Double Ups search selected and modified, Kirby called his entry, Dr. “D”elicioius Rabbit Stew. Look for entry #649 in the results to track Kirby’s progress.

As always, if you have any questions that didn’t get answered in the Forum, please do call a Support representative at the appropriate number for your country listed below. They are knowledgeable and happy to help.

Thanks again everyone for making these International Online User Group Forums such an interesting and valuable experience for us all. Here are just a few of the comments people chatted in.

RE the CAM:

Q: This is amazing. [Janice
Q: Thanks so much I look forward to more on Tues.[Linda
Q: It is great to have a technical “superstar” such as Dr Star take time to share her wisdom with us.  Thank you for a very informative session Stan and Dr Star. [Irwin


Re the Dr. “D”elicious trading system:

Q: Comment; Very smart subscriber. Methodic and logical. [Kamel
Q: there’s inspiration!!! [Pat
Q: VERY GOOD, I learned some key points. [Alain
Q: Thanks Stan for the great presentations. [Mitchell

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