Guest Blogger signsWritten by:  Mike Simonato, Ontario Presenter: “My Three Friends”, Dec. 3, 2016, VectorVest International Online User Group (Click here to View: My Three Friends)

Well if this week didn’t get you to sit up and take notice nothing will.  Earlier in the week, I sent out an email about the Death of Brick and Mortar. In the next 3 days, GNC filed for Bankruptcy Protection and announced the closure of a number of locations. Chuck E Cheese ( big in the states) declared bankruptcy and then on Friday Microsoft announced it was closing all its retail locations. Texas and Florida started shutting down again after insane COVID numbers (Florida 9,500 new cases in one day) and 39 states had new record numbers. Summary, Expect a lot more announcements like we had the last few days of this week and of course, let’s throw the Friday selloff into the mix.  Re the Death of Brick and Mortar remember REAL as they will have an insane amount of business as a result.  Now for the markets:

USA  MTI  1.54  BSR  2.02  (was 7.99 on June 15th)

DOW JONES:            Big selling Friday. If the selloff continues I’ll be watching to see if the 79 SMA acts as any kind of support.  RT falling fast

NASDAQ:                  Fell below the 20 SMA on Friday  Will watch for a pullback to the 79 and 200 SMA which are close and should act as support

S&P 500                     Pulled back to the 200 SMA  another very steep decline in RT

MKT TIMING:             Currently at 45.54 Next levels to watch are 44.90 and then 42.39 (the 79 SMA)  BSR falling fast  Stochastics below 50

READ VIEWS, Strategy of the week, Strategy (Interesting advice for Prudent Investors), Climate (Interesting how % Bullish advisors jumped)

CANADA  MTI  1.52   BSR  158  (was 4.15 on June 12)

PTSE:                          Price holding just above the 79 SMA.  RT Steady decline down, not as big selling volume as USA

VENTURE:                Continues to rise but Doji Friday so watch close.  RT also still good.  HOW to PROFIT when a Mkt is bucking the

Trend.  Add a line to your fav search that only returns stocks from that Mkt.  On Apr 13 the 3 EMA was above the

8 EMA and both were above the 20 SMA.  Run your fav search with the line added only picking stocks from the

Venture and quick test the top 5 or 10 from Apr 13 till now. This can give you some ways to profit from the good Mkts

READ Views  (Stan does it again), Strategy and Climate for sure. ( While the Earnings Indicator in the states continues to fall the CDN Earnings indicator unexpectantly jumped back up to 1)

GOLD:  Still not seeing the strength I’d like but on a breakout (and continued Mkt selloff) I’m in.

REAL  Watch for a break above $26.18 on strong volume. RT Steady but volume was a little lighter on Friday

Real Matters June 27 2020

MODEL PORTFOLIO 5 continues to do well in a tough Mkt

As always nothing more than my 2 cents and I hope it’s of value and interest