22 02, 2021

Why now is a good time to consider safe dividend stocks

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There is no question we live in a time of uncertainty, both in our personal lives and our personal finances. The COVID-19 has unleashed economic turmoil around the world, and yet stock markets keep hitting new highs. People wonder, how can that be? How long will it continue...

23 09, 2020

The Best Dividend Aristocrats

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If you want to be a successful dividend growth investor, it pays to look at the Canadian Dividend Aristocrats...

13 05, 2020

How to Exit a Trade

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Investors have never seen a market fall so far so fast as it did from February 21st to March 23rd. The VectorVest Composite CA Index fell 33.7%, and the TSX Composite shed 37.1%. As painful as it was for many investors, it served to remind us of our Founder Dr. Bart DiLiddo’s #1 Rule in a falling market: Preserve Your Assets...

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