W-O-W! Dividends WatchList

In case you missed it, 29 stocks were added last week to the W-O-W Dividends WatchList.

W-O-W Dividends is a WatchList of dividend-paying stocks being analyzed and recommended by popular newsletters, magazines, analysts and television financial commentators. The stocks must meet minimum VectorVest criteria before being added to the list.

The previous list of 38 stocks was a pretty good list, up 11.68% YTD to Friday, May 21st with 32 winners and only 6 small losers. This does not include the dividend payments. The list can be found under the Special WatchList folder.

The new stocks were added to give the income investors in our VectorVest community more choices with the same or better qualities. This new basket of stocks is up an average of 18.62% during the same period in the latter paragraph with 27 winners and only 2 losers.

New additions Goeasy LTD, GSY, Power Corp, POW, and Canadian Tire, CTC.A, immediately showed up at the top of the updated WatchList sorted by VST as of May 21st.

Take a look at the WatchList Average values of all 67 stocks found at the bottom of the WatchList. As of last Friday, RV was 1.11; RS 1.18; RT 1.18; VST 1.17; and CI 1.32; above-average numbers across the board. But it gets even better when you consider the dividend values. The average Dividend Yield, DY, is 2.35%. Dividend Safety, DS, averages 69 on our 0-99 scale and the Dividend Growth, DG, is 11%. Those are the averages, but you don’t have to settle for average. VectorVest allows you to rank and sort by any of the single values or combination of values such as VST + YSG. What is most important to you – Safety, Yield, or Growth, or the best combination of all three?

WOW Dividends WatchList May 31 2021

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I find it interesting that as of May 21st, 19 stocks in the W-O-W Dividends WatchList are also in the Master Retirement WatchList, another terrific list of stocks. The average gain YTD of those 19 stocks is 22.53% with no losers. TFII, TFI International is up 69.71%; GSY, Goeasy 50.32%; and POW, Power Corp 32.47%.

On the heels of a relatively strong and lengthy bull run since the March 23, 2020 bottom, more investors are turning to quality dividend stocks for a measure of safety and income. If that is what you are looking for, you might just want to check out the top stocks in THE W-O-W DIVIDENDS WATCHLIST.