gold top 5. 2jpgAs we discussed the possibility in last night’s Canada Colour Guard Video, the gold/silver rally is continuing so far this morning. At 10:01 EDT the basket of top 10 stocks from last night’s Gold Digger search are up about 2.3%. The top 5 are up more than 2.7%.

We’re fortunate in VectorVest to be able to graph on entire industry groups to find these trends. Price crossing above the 40-DMA is a methodology that works more often than not, putting probability on our side. It works the same way with most robust industry groups, and it works especially well with gold/silver.

For investors new to VectorVest: This bottom-fishing method for gold/silver has worked extremely well historically. It is a more aggressive approach however, one where you ‘don’t bet the farm’. Take profits quickly and cut losses short if there’s a quick reversal.

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gold top 10 2

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Good investing everyone.