Using Delta To Find Top Dividend Stocks. We use the Delta operator in a VectorVest search anytime we want to see a percent change in any Value over a specific time period. In the example below run Friday, May 15, it’s interesting to see which dividend paying stocks have the highest percent price gains during the last two years, so we Sort the list by Delta Descending. As you can see from the search criteria, I only looked for stocks that paid a dividend yield greater than 2% two years ago and the current yield is still above 2%. I also looked for a minimum Dividend Safety of 40 on our scale of 0-99.

May 18  2 Price Gainers

Altus Group (AIF) in the Real Estate Management industry group tops the list with a 141% gain, but a quick look at its graph shows it hasn’t done very well this past year. The stock has been volatile and trending lower overall. EPS has also been falling. AGT Food & Ingredients (AGT) is second on the list with a 118% price gain. Its chart looks better and EPS has been rising, but it’s been range-bound the last year between $24 and $30. A good one perhaps for your WatchList to consider when it finally breaks out in a more consistent and smooth uptrend.

New Flyer Industries (NFI) in the Auto & Truck Mfg Industry has arguably the best looking 2-year weekly graph, and it has managed a 56% 2-year gain. NFI shows EPS rising all the way to the right edge of the graph. Price has been fairly smooth from bottom left to top right. Worth noting that price is up the last two weeks on unusually high volume. The company has kept its dividend yield above 4% with timely dividend increases, and it pays a monthly dividend. Intact Financial (IFC) also has a great-looking 2-year graph although price has pulled back the last four weeks on lower volume.

NFI May 15

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