So, a down day in the Canadian market today and yet we have a Primary Wave Up (PW/Up). What does it mean and how do you plan to play this market? For an explanation of VectorVest timing signals and VectorVest guidance, watch today’s VectorVest Canada Colour Guard Video Report.

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Are you back into gold yet? Today we also look at a few graphs and searches to find industry and stock leaders and losers. We pay particular attention to the gold/silver industry graph. It’s the one industry group that needs its own market timing signal. It’s worth noting that that average price of gold/silver stocks has moved above the 40-Day Moving Average, and the 40-DMA is turning up as well. Often when this happens, beaten down gold/silver stocks can have an explosive rally. It’s already started as I’ll show you in today’s video. And if you don’t have a favourite gold or silver stock, I’ll show you a terrific bottom-fishing search for gold/silver stocks. For investors new to VectorVest: This bottom-fishing for gold/silver has worked extremely well historically. It is a more aggressive approach however, one where you ‘don’t bet the farm’, take profits quickly and cut losses short if there’s a quick reversal.

Guidance for a tricky market

Good investing everyone.

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