Ed Subak’s presentation to our VectorVest International User Group Forum Saturday titled, Thematic ETFs — An Update, was truly an eye-opener about how megatrends are driving the financial markets and how we can invest profitably in these trends. Another 13 new ETFs were added to Ed’s February 2018 presentation, providing comprehensive coverage of emerging trends such as aging population, technological advances, climate change and more. You don’t want to miss it!

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Strong Global Markets

Our review of VectorVest’s global markets shows strong performance YTD with a few words of caution as VectorVest indicators are near historically significant topping levels. Our Global ETFs are showing the strength of world markets: IWM – Russell 2000 up 18.18%; GREK – Greece up 15.94%; EWC – Canada 15.69%; EWH – Hong Kong 14.84%; and EWN – Netherlands 13.31%.

We explained Saturday how you can manage your portfolio effectively to navigate a potential pullback in the markets going forward.

VectorVest’s Best WatchLists

Finally, we learned how to exploit VectorVest’s Best WatchLists, and how to set-up a graph layout that attendees said they loved for its simplicity and clear signals. (see graph example below).

RT is the key

“RT (Relative Timing is a powerful trend and momentum indicator. The 40-MA of RT makes it even more powerful.” — Stan Heller.

Relative Timing (RT) is the Key

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It Pays to Watch Our Forum Presentations

Here is what one of our members chatted in about Bob T’s November presentation about his leveraged ETFs trading plan:

Q: Good Morning and Thank You Stan & Jamin. My portfolio is up 39.62% utilizing Bob’s presentation. [junaid m]


VectorVest YouTube

In future, if you want to watch a recording of the monthly International Online User Group Forum presentations even before you get the recording link, you can go to our VectorVest YOUTUBE Channel at www.youtube.com/user/vectorvestmb

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