All-New Subscriber Portfolio Challenge

I hope you are as pumped as I am for the All-Subscriber Portfolio Challenge. I love the international aspect of the competition. It’s going to be tremendously exciting!

The details of the Challenge were explained in the July 20, 2018 US Views. It begins at the market’s Open Tuesday, September 4th and ends at the market’s Close Friday, November 30, 2018. To paraphrase a frequently aired TV health commercial, “Enter for the prizes and get so much more!”

Yes, the prize money is substantial. It’s the learning that will give you so much more. VectorVest runs these competitions because we believe that rules-based investing is the best way for individual investors to make good money in the stock market.

The Grand Prize Awards, all in USD, are as follows:
First Place Winner: $5,000.00.  Second Place Winner: $4,000.00.
Third Place Winner: $3,000.00.  Fourth Place Winner: $2,000.00.
Fifth Place Winner: $1,000.00.

The Intramural Prize Awards, also in USD, are as follows:
First Place Winner: $1,500.00;
Second Place Winner: $750.00;
Third Place Winner: $375.00.

Even if you don’t win one of the major prizes, you still can win something. A $100.00 Savings Certificate will go to every Subscriber who did not receive a performance award, but who outperforms Dr. DiLiddo’s Money Makers Portfolio. Folks, you have a big advantage here and here’s how. Every time you get a good result in your testing, you can run it against the Money Maker trading system that is already pre-programmed for you as an Existing Trading System in the US BackTester. Run the Money Maker BackTest over the same test dates you are using and try to beat it most of the time.

Now, I don’t know that Dr. D. is going to enter this exact search and trading system, but it stands to reason that it will at least be similar. If your trading system consistently outperforms the Money Maker in your test dates, it will at least put the odds in your favour.

The competition registration deadline is Friday, 8/17/2018. All “custom” searches must be submitted before Tuesday, 8/21/2018. A custom search is one that you have created from scratch or a VectorVest pre-built search that you have modified. If you will be using a VectorVest search with no modifications, you have until Tuesday, 8/28/2018 to submit it.

There are some terrific essays and videos that you can review for tips and ideas on how to create a winning competition portfolio. Here are just a few that I would recommend:

* Read Dr. DiLiddo’s essays of 5/25/2018 and 6/1/2018. These are the essays where he introduced the concept of “How to Become A Consistent Money Maker” and pointed investors toward the new Money Maker template in Portfolio Manager.

* Start a Money Maker Portfolio and two or three more in Portfolio Manager. Use the default settings in the Money Maker template for one portfolio. In the others, change the search and other settings that you expect will improve results. Monitor performance over a couple of weeks or more to get ideas about what’s working and what isn’t working. It’s paper trading with a purpose.

* Review Glenn Tompkins’ “Special Presentation” video from Friday, 7/20/2018 for tips on how to “stress test” your strategies. Then listen to the recording of our 7/24/2018 CA “Special Presentation” Q&A for examples of how we stress tested four CA trading systems and two US trading systems. You can still get the recording until Tuesday, 7/31/2018 at under the Live Events tab, Archived Webcasts.

* While you’re in the Archived Webcasts section, listen to the 7/7/2018 International User Group Forum. George Clark, Pensacola User Group Leader, gave an outstanding step-by-step account of how he created the winning portfolio in the just ended User Group Leader Competition.

Show Me the Money Competition Winner

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* Finally, register to attend live or get the recording of the Saturday, 8/11/2018 International VectorVest User Group Forum. Our first keynote presentation will be all about the rules, prizes, best practices and your questions about the upcoming All-Subscribers Portfolio Challenge.

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Starting now is the best time to get ready for THE EXCITING ALL-SUBSCRIBER PORTFOLIO CHALLENGE.