With the market rising from a historical bottom but still choppy and volatile, Friday’s Strategy of the Week Sept 21 SOTWtitled, “HOW TO SET THE RIGHT ENTRIES & EXITS” was very timely.

Join me for tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept 22 at 12:30 ET for a review and Q&A about this special presentation. If you haven’t already registered, CLICK HERE.

Have you ever bought a stock only to have it move lower immediately? You then said something like, “It’ll come back,” but if it didn’t, you didn’t know when to sell. Even on your profitable trades, you’re not confident when to sell. You either sell too soon or too late. Friday’s Special Presentation was can help you change all that. Brian D’Amico, our Manager of Educational Services, says, “You want to know when you will enter a trade and when you will exit so you can minimize losses and cash in on gains.” His video showed us a few simple techniques for how to determine:

  1. A good entry point.
  2. A sensible stop level.
  3. An high probability profit target.

If you missed Brian’s special presentation, please go to the Strategy Section in Friday’s, VIEW’s tab and click on the link, or go to VectorVest University at www.vectorvest.ca/events.

Stan Heller
VectorVest Canada
Email: [email protected]