SFS SOTWVectorVest started the New Year with a bang by introducing three new Sure Fire Success (SFS) trading systems for US stocks during Friday’s SOTW Special Presentation. The strategies showed great results using the following searches: Conservative from the Conservative Folder; Great Growth Stocks from the Special Searches Folder; and Safe and Sound from the Prudent Folder.

We believe Canadian investors should consider a portion of their investments in US stocks to reduce risk through sector diversification and owning great companies in the world’s largest economy. If you agree, then one of these SFS trading systems is something you will want to consider.

How well do these trading systems perform in the Canadian market? I’ve already been asked, so I ran the tests. We’ll look at the results tomorrow during our regular weekly SOTW Q&A webinar. I hope you will join me tomorrow (Monday) at 1:00 p.m. EST and come prepared with your questions. Remember, if you can’t attend the live session, please register to receive an email with the link to the recording as soon as it is available.

To register, click on the link:  http://news.vectorvest.com/CA_SOTW_QA_010514_registration.html

Retirees Income Model Portfolio: We’ll also show you tomorrow the results of some significant testing we’ve done for the 2015 Retirees portfolio. We’ve used the same methodology and test period explained by Research Manager Todd Shaffer in his SOTW presentation. While last year’s 9.50% return beat the TSX, our goal with the Retirees for 2015 is to smooth out the volatility we experienced during the last half of the year. To this end, the new trading plan uses different stop criteria.

We’ll also spend some time tomorrow looking at the current market direction and health of the market. So, please join me for what should be an interesting session.

Finally, do check out our VectorVest Canada Investment Blog for the latest stories and videos, including the first CA Colour Guard Report that will be recorded and posted next Wednesday evening. You can access the blog at www.vectorvest.ca/cablog

Wishing you Good Investing.

Stan Heller, Consultant VectorVest Canada
Jan 4 2015