VectorVest CA Movie Clapper BoardOften we learn best by watching and doing at the same time. VectorVest Canada has created a few short videos to answer subscriber questions. Most videos are under 10 minutes. Two or three are longer, about 20 minutes or so. You can pause them at any point or rewind to review. Just hover your mouse at the bottom of the video to see horizontal bar. Click on the links below or cut and paste into your web browser to view the videos. If you would like to see a “how to” video on any aspect of using VectorVest that you’re unsure about, please drop me a quick note in the Comment section below.

How to Create, Save and Use Moving Averages:

Understanding and Using VectorVest Candlesticks:

One Way To Segment Strong from Weak Industry Groups:

How To Trade the ADX Technical Indicator:

Finding Trends Using Delta Searches:

How To Find Stocks Hitting New Highs:

How To Change Your Stock Viewer Layouts:

How To Backtest A WatchList of Stocks:

How To Find Our New DRIP WatchList: