Your Next Big Winner

When we look back 20 years from now, will Apollo Health (AHC) prove to be one of the top-performing stocks of the last two decades? It could be if history is any guide.

Read on to find out why I say that. On Friday, December 4th, Apollo Health was featured in the Views as the Top Stock of the Week for the third time in less than a month. What? You didn’t know about our weekly Top Stock pick? You will find it in a section of the Views called Selected Stocks.

You just must scroll down to near the end of the Views every Friday. I mean it, you just got to do it. You never know when you will find your next big winner in the Selected Stocks section. It might be the Top Stock of the Week like Apollo Health, or it could be one of these Special Feature stocks:

Highest VST
Highest VST<20
Highest RT
Highest RV
Highest RS

Apollo Health is not only the Highest VST stock; it is also the Highest VST < 20. It first made the list on 11/13/20, and it is up 37.8% or 552.9% ARR from there. It was nosed out as Top Stock of the Week by Greenpower (GPV) on 11/20/20 but returned to the top of the list each of the last two consecutive Fridays.

Now, why do I believe Apollo Health has a chance to be your next big winner over the next 10 years and 20 years? Let’s look at some history. It is enlightening, and it’s fun. First, let’s go to the Views tab and type in “Top Stock of the Week” in the search bar near the top left. Click on Selected Sections and choose Stocks. Run the search.

VectorVest chart of Apollo Health

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The first entry at the bottom of the list is “10/03/03 Stocks”, that is pretty much around the time VectorVest launched its Canadian database. Double-click on it, and it opens the Views on that date right to the Selected Stocks section. The Top Stock of the Week is BMTC Group. It has a detailed description of the company’s business and critical stock analysis information. The symbol back then was GBT.A, today it is GBT. What is interesting is that from that first entry, GBT.A  was the Top Stock of the Week for the next 18 consecutive weeks.

How has GBT performed since its debut nearly 20 years ago as Top Stock of the Week? It’s up 115% or 7% ARR to 12/04/20.

HERE’S A FUN EXERCISE. Would you like to know many times your favourite stock has made the Special Feature list? With Selected Sections and Stocks still selected, type “Kirkland Lake” into the search bar. It’s my favourite gold stock. It first shows up as the Highest RV Stock on 6/10/11. Since then, it made the list 36 times and at least a few times in every Special Feature category. Since its debut, Kirkland Lake (KL) is up a whopping 703% or 74% annualized.

In your US software, type in Abbott for Abbott Labs (ABT). It made the Special Feature list on 9/29/95 as the highest RS stock. Remember Grace Groner? I wrote about her in my May 10th, 2019 essay. She purchased three $60 shares in Abbott Labs in 1935 and retired a multimillionaire with those three shares. Well, after its debut ABT went on to gain 957% or 38% annualized to 12/04/20, and that’s not including its substantial, frequently compounding dividends.

Maxim Integrated Products (MXIM), a circuit maker, was the first US Top Stock of the Week that is still active today. It received the honour on August 11th 1995. It was the Highest VST stock and Highest VST < $20. It has since made the list several times, but the last time was January 31st, 1997. That just tells you how difficult it is and how good a stock must be to make the Featured Stock list.

Nonetheless, MXIM has managed a 32% annualized return for investors who were savvy enough to check out the Top Stock of the Week and Special Feature list regularly. It is where you might just find YOUR NEXT BIG WINNER.