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It was another enjoyable and valuable VectorVest International Online User Group Forum Saturday, November 3. There was tremendous energy and excitement in the room as our keynote speaker, Bob Turnbull of Burlington, Ontario explained his triple ETF strategy, one that has delivered about 27% YTD return for Bob after achieving similar results in 2017.

Bob’s trading rules, including clear guidance for when to buy and a 10% trailing stop, are designed to minimize risk. While it might be considered an aggressive strategy because it uses 3X leveraged ETFs, Bob’s experience is that the strategy “achieves above average returns with minimal time looking at the computer and with less stress.” Since this is an aggressive strategy, paper trading at first using VectorVest’s Portfolio Manager is recommended to see if this strategy is right for your investment style, risk tolerance and temperament.

Bob Turnbull Weekly VectorVest graph of UPRO

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Here’s a sample of what Saturday’s attendees had to say about it:

Q: I am impressed. Great presentation, thank you Bob. [Michael O] [Q: 10:07 AM]

Q: A conservative approach, less stress great diversity. [Frederick E] [Q: 10:08 AM]

Q: C: Thanks Mr. Turnbull for an excellent presentation. The rules are is simple, time efficient, yet profitable! [Lan V] [Q: 10:08 AM]

Q: Simple things work best, and Bob did just that. [Leslie J] [Q: 10:10 AM]




Our last presentation showed an easy method of finding Sector and Industry Group Leader, placing them into your WatchList and creating a Quickfolio where you can track price movement trends using the equity curve.

 “My Quickfolio’s are right in front of me every day, so I can’t help but look at them. So, this method is very visual and allows me to spot price significant moves early in each new trend. If the entire basket of stocks is moving in one direction or another, there’s usually a least one or more good candidates for buying or selling.” – Stan Heller

Q: Best tool ever. [BRIAN E] [Q: 10:23 AM]

Q: awesome tool [Werner J] [Q: 10:23 AM]

Q: Love it [Hans C] [Q: 10:27 AM]

Please take some time this week to watch the recording. It’s important, and you won’t be disappointed.