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Saturday’s International User Group Online Forum was highlighted by an outstanding presentation showing a simple, 30-Minute Trading Plan using popular U.S. index ETFs. Tony Jackson, a member of the Atlanta, Georgia User Group, showed how using a modified RSI trading system delivered an 80% or better win-rate through all market conditions.

Canfor Corp VectorVest chart

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CLICK HERE TO GET A RECORDING OF TONY’S OUTSTANDING PRESENTATION. Slides in PDF format are attached in the link below. (Suggestion, rather than having the expense of printing out the slides, save the file to your computer for a future reference.)
April 7 2018 Forum Tony J ETF Plan and SRH ADX White

“Great presentation,” said Harish P. “Meets the KISS principle”.

“Nice to have such a clean, trouble free system. Thank you.”, said Dan H.

“Thank you for sharing this excellent trading system.” – Yuraima U.

Tim. T. suggested Canadian investors can test out the trading plan using ETFs such as XIC, XAW, XCS and XIU.


Our weekly review of VectorVest around the world showed continuing volatility and a sea of red with all seven countries in Confirmed Down, C/Dn, market conditions. VectorVest guidance does not advocate buying any stocks at this time, and strictly adhere to our Stop-Prices as a way to protect our portfolios.


On a positive note, VectorVest noted that of the 23 S&P 500 companies that have reported Q1 2018 earnings, 16 have reported earnings surprises and 17 have reported sales surprises. That’s good news if the trend continues. On that note, there were several positive comments chatted in about my essay in Friday’s Views titled, “It’s All About Earnings.” as well as my essay from 11/10/2017 titled, “6 Strategies to Reduce Risk and Profit During Earnings Season.” You can read both essays in the slides PDF. Kamel C. commented, “Your essays are great reminders and tools for avoiding big mistakes and optimizing profits.”

Trading the ADX, Tips and Techniques.

Our final presentation was an explanation of how to use the ADX, Average Directional Index together with DMI’s, Directional Movement Index. I appreciated the comments that my explanation was “easy to follow” and showed “another valuable tool in our VectorVest toolchest.”