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VectorVest is not only a stock analysis service, it also provides a comprehensive education on how to make money and how to protect profits. I urge you to take advantage of these resources that includes essays, special reports, workshops, webinars and videos. You’ll learn the VectorVest System and investing principles that have guided subscribers to success for more than 25 years.

Below are 10 Tips for New Subscribers intended to shorten your learning curve about useful features and valuable resources:

  1. You can download VectorVest on more than one computer, you just can’t have the program open on two computers at the same time. If you forget to logout, it will automatically close VectorVest if you then log in to a different computer.
  2. You can log in to more than one country at a time, CA and US for example, and run them concurrently. Both countries will be displayed on your Taskbar allowing you to toggle back and forth for quick access.

    Two separate countries opened in VectorVest.

    You can have two different countries open on the same computer.
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  3. The Tools tab is where you will find Application Settings. Go there to change General defaults such as screen colour under Themes. On the Graphs tab, the one default change that is a must for me is to ‘Save Cursor on Change’. I use the Dateline cursor type. I find the default Horizontal Cursor a little too busy for everyday use.

    Change your default settings.

    Change your default settings in the Tools tab.
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  4. Also on Tools, click on My Profile. Login to change Account Settings. While there, click on, ‘Manage your email preferences’. You can set the number of emails you wish to receive each week and what categories you might prefer not to receive.
  5. Right-click on any individual Stock, Industry Group or Sector. A valuable menu of options opens. For example, choose ‘View Full Stock Analysis Report’. It will give you a complete analysis; including explanations of all the analysis criteria. Another example: Is the default Font size in your Viewers too small? Choose Layout from the menu. A new menu opens. At top right, click on Verdana, 9 pt. which is the default. Experiment, but I like the Verdana font with 11 pt. size. Once you change settings, they will stay that way until you change them again.

    View Full Stock Analysis Report

    Right-click on a stock name to get the Full Stock Analysis Report.
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  6. Choose the Welcome tab to take part in three Interactive Tutorials. Here you can also Schedule your FREE Personal Training Session, one-on-one with a Senior Instructor. This may be the most important step you take toward becoming a successful investor. It will save you hours of time.
  7. Click on Training tab to find five short, but powerful, Successful Investing Quick Start Video Lessons. Further down, the Quick Reference Guide PDF with clear, simple guidance for knowing What to Buy, When to Buy and When to Sell.
  8. Read the VectorVest Views each Friday and watch the “Strategy of the Week” video presentations. This is where we present our market insights and share new ideas and techniques to make money. While on the Views tab, look to the top left under Views Manager and click on Special Reports. All valuable, but pay particular attention to the one titled, Stocks, Strategies & Common Sense. This is a PDF of our founder Dr. Bart DiLiddo’s classic investment book. Often called the little green book, it’s an enjoyable read and filled with investing wisdom you won’t find anywhere else.
  9. Every Friday on the Views tab, we also present a file of upcoming live educational events including webinars. Scroll down and you will find a complete list of VectorVest User Groups located around the world. Click on the links and you will find the upcoming meetings, dates, times, agendas and locations. Attend, if you can, to get stock ideas and learn how other subscribers are using VectorVest.
  10. If you have any questions or need help at any time, you should call us toll-free at 1-888-658-7638. We’re open 7 AM – 11 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday, and 9 AM – 5 PM ET Saturday.


When you join the VectorVest Community as a subscriber, you have immediate access to a wealth of investor education resources, including the three interactive tutorials and five Successful Investing Videos shown below.

Welcome tab and Successful Investing Quick Start Course

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