17 08, 2020

To Play Good Defense, RT Holds the Key

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Investors in gold stocks, myself included, had a rude awakening Tuesday morning. The spot Price of gold was down $70 even before the market opened, plunging below the highwater benchmark of $2,000...

28 08, 2019

Trade the Midas Touch RT Like a Rocket

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A lot has been written about VectorVest’s exclusive Relative Timing, RT indicator, and deservedly so. There’s no better measure of investor sentiment...

21 11, 2018

Will Gold Shine Again?

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Gold is commonly believed to be a safe haven in times of financial or political uncertainty, mainly because it is not at risk of becoming worthless unlike currencies or other assets bearing credit risk. Well, we’ve had bucket loads of uncertainty the past two years, but gold and gold miners have gone nowhere except in fits and starts. So, what’s going on?

16 08, 2018

GET THE VIDEO: A Chart Pattern That Almost Always Works

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Investors said they loved the simplicity and innovative use of the double-smoothed Midas Touch chart pattern for swing trades and longer term investing. The simple, visual representation of both trend and momentum with easy to follow rules make this a chart pattern that almost always works.

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