22 07, 2020

Number 1 Rule to Investing: Let the Trend be Your Friend

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What a wacky stock market. A nice rally for a couple of hours early Monday followed by a huge selloff to the end of the session. Tuesday the market opens sharply lower for the first hour and then moves straight up the rest of the day...

24 03, 2020

Be Prepared to Get in Ahead of the Crowd with the Primary Wave

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Unprecedented. Worse than the financial crisis of 2008. The business media could not deliver a more stark analysis of the economic fallout from the Coronavirus than they did this week. Stock market corrections happen every few years, but 30% in less than a month...

25 01, 2018


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VectorVest has always been on the cutting edge of investor education about Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs as they’re commonly referred to. I’m sure our Founder, Dr. Bart DiLiddo, had a lot to do with it.

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